Destiny 2

‘Destiny 2’ Rumours Have Been Circulating About The Beta Date

Destiny has had a great run ever since it was released on September 9th, 2014, growing into a wonderful universe and now with Destiny 2 on the imminent horizon, fans have begun to speculate about the release date for the beta. The reveal that there will be a Destiny 2 beta was met with a huge amount of excitement and really shows the confidence that Bungie has in their next instalment.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 4.32.21 pm.png

At this point, everything that is mentioned is best to take with a grain of salt but it definitely could be a plausible speculation in regards to the beta. So, during the Destiny 2 reveal, the character select screen was shown (above) and the magnifying glass was placed over the two sets of numbers on the right.

Beginning with the Glimmer, it is an odd number for the team at Bungie to show – 17177. Would it not be easier to cap it out at the original 25,000 cap from Destiny 1? If the numbers are read backwards we get 7/17/17, leading to the speculation that the Destiny 2 beta will be on the 7th of July. The only information Bungie has given to the eager fans of the game has been that it will be in Summer and the aforementioned date will be barely in but still will be in, Summer (Winter for us Aussies).

The second bit of conspiratorial evidence in regards to the beta date is the next set of numbers, alongside the mystery crystal substance. The number is 98, which when divided then reversed becomes 8/9, or September 8th, the full release date of Destiny 2.

If these speculations are correct, then we will see the Destiny 2 beta very soon, and it is quite plausible that it is accurate. Like it says above the numbers are too random to not have some special meaning. But, still, keep in mind that nothing has been officially confirmed by the studio.

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