New Trailer Showcases Monarch Titan’s Abilities

A few days ago we were given an excellently put together trailer showing off what is coming to Titanfall 2 through the Monarch’s Reign update. Today, we have been given a more personal and closer look at the Monarch Titan with a brand new trailer.

The Monarch Titan is the IMC’s version of a Vanguard Class Titan, developed by Hammond Industries. The key to the Monarch’s success is the fact that it carries an Upgrade Core, which causes the Titan to become stronger over the course of the battle.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 6.01.22 pm.png

The trailer showcases three tiers of upgrades that allow Pilots controlling this Titan to customise the mech to their playstyles. This means that the Monarch Titan can showcase some amazing versatility on the battlefield, but you will definitely need to practice with this Titan so as to survive long enough for all three upgrade tiers to be activated.

The trailer showcased the tier one upgrade, Arc Rounds, which infuses bullets of the Monarch’s machine gun with electricity, the tier two upgrade Maelstrom, which is a modified version of Electric Smoke that deals a greater proportion of damage against enemy Titans and Pilots. Also shown, was the tier three upgrade Multi-Target Missiles, which is exactly what it sounds like, the Monarch can target multiple targets at once with a barrage of tracking missiles.

Not only that but this trailer once again showed the new execution that is available in this update. Known as Energy Thief, it showcases the Pilot leaving the safety of the mech and stealing an energy core from the enemy Titan to replenish the shields of that Pilots Titan. All of this, while your Titan demolishes the enemy.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get out there and try the Monarch Titan for yourself.




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