Assassins Creed

New Assassins Creed Confirmed With Leaked Merchandise

For a few months now, the world has been searching for any confirmation of a new Assassins Creed game. We were strung along by a series of unconfirmed leaked images and as such we dubbed the new game, Assassins Creed Empire. However, leaked merchandise reared its head (snake joke=Egypt) bearing Ubisoft’s copyright information and reading as Assassins Creed Origins, which is quite a suitable title.


Eye Of Horus.jpg

We were also treated to a reveal of the new AC logo, which is unmistakeably the Eye of Horus or Wedjat Eye. If you are interested in a little backstory, the Eye of Horus is an amulet of protection that came about when the embodiment of chaos and evil – Seth, tore out the eye of his falcon-headed nephew, Horus as they fought over the body of Horus’ father. The eye was later restored to Horus by his father Osiris, but afterwards, it became a powerful symbol of ma’at and protection.

Assassins Creed Origins Hawk

But enough of that. The leaked images also revealed our main protagonist, by the name of Ba Yek. On the shirt itself, Ba Yek was holding a short round shield as well as a bow. Now, since Assassins Creed games generally have an air to true historicalness about them, if the bow is Composite, it could possibly mean that the game is set after the Second Intermediate Period, after the expulsion of the Hyksos who were the first ones to use Composite Bows in Egypt. If the weapon is a Long Bow, it might be set before the Second Intermediate Period, and as such backup the previous speculation that it Origins will be set in the Fifth Dynasty.

This is an exciting moment for Assassins Creed fans and the fact there was a gap year for Ubisoft may mean that the next instalment will be a refreshing revamp of the series. Stay tuned for more details.

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