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Let’s Get Quacking : Mutant Duck Invasion Review

After a fair few delays and minor issues here and there, Mutant Duck Invasion has made a home for itself in the Google Play Store and on Itunes. Developer Primordial Echo has created a truly wondrous game that a gamer of any calibre can get caught up in. The gameplay is quite simple but hard to master. You must utilise one/two firework cannons to defend your city against an ever increasing army of mutant ducks. It is not as easy as it sounds.

The Music Invades Your Soul

Not in a bad way though. I mention the music before the gameplay because it is the first thing you notice, with its light and airy tones that carry you through the battles, like a duck feather on the western wind (See what I did there). The music changes as the game progresses, becoming more serious when you enter some of the boss battles but the texture still feels refreshingly thin and light, even as you are fighting for your life.

The Ducking Gameplay

MDI Triple

Now onto what everyone has been waiting for – the gameplay. This great indie title is fairly easy to control, with its literal tap-to-fire type system. Ducks come down with their array of evil, and you launch barrages of fireworks back at them until they all explode. The game operates in waves, with more and more ducks coming to each wave until you eventually are overwhelmed (you will be). The great thing that Mutant Duck Invasion has done, is incorporate a kind of save for your in-game currency, adorably called Feathers.

Even if you lose and your city falls to the ducks, you can either respawn using a special in-game item known as the Golden Duck or start over again…with all your Feathers. This allows you a better fighting chance the next time the invasion begins.

Now, your weapon of choice in this crisis are the Firework Cannon’s which shoot out powerful fireworks obliterating our feathery friends. While they are sufficiently powerful at the lower waves, you are going to want to upgrade them in order to keep up. These upgrades come at the expense of Feathers, which you gain from blowing up ducks. Adding a fiery flare, or a bit of a chill can be the thing you need to give you a little bit of an edge. And don’t even get me started on the Bubblegum upgrade, it is truly wondrous and saved my life many a time.

Meet … The Ducks

MDI Side

With your ongoing battle, you will encounter many colourful characters, each with their own special abilities and challenges for you to face. Whether it is the annoying Blue ones that travel a bit faster and a little more aggressively to attack the city or even the Electric ones that divebomb the ground, you have to prioritise and make quick decisions in order to survive.

But not all is doom and gloom in the realm of the angry ducks because they unwittingly become your allies at points in the game. Blow up a corrosive one and they leave a corrosive field that damages any and all ducks that pass through it. The Electric Ducks can throw down an electrically charged bomb that recharges your force field if you have one (WHICH YOU SHOULD). Pro tip: try and always keep your city shielded.

Not to mention, every 10 or so levels, you will meet a special boss duck, with its own unique abilities (like the one in the above, above photo). These ducks have a lot more health and will take a lot more firepower to bring down than the minion water-chickens. But if you beat them you get a nice little achievement, a change of scenery and another ferocious wave of bombardment.

The Verdict

There you have it, Mutant Duck Invasion is an amazing game, fit for all levels of skill, and I know it sounds like a cliche but it is fun for all ages. Unless your reflexes suck, then you are going to have a bad time. Anywhoozle, Mutant Duck Invasion is available on IOS and Android and is a definite must-play. Well now that this is done, I am going to duck out.

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