‘Battleborn’ Is Heating Up With The Sizzling Summer Update

Battleborn is getting a roaring waterfall of new content, starting today with what is being dubbed as the Summer Update. This is not a new concept for Gearbox, with the Winter Update rolling out in 2016. As Randy Varnell, Creative Director of Battleborn stated in the reveal stream, everyone was complaining, wanting the game to go free to play. Gearbox has gone about halfway with that by introducing a free trial for new players who just want to try the game out but without the commitment.

The free trial is known as the Badass Edition and activates all the multiplayer modes FOREVER and in the classic method of Battleborn, there will be a rotating Versus mode every week, to add some variety. There will also be a rotating roster of six characters each week, enabling free trial players to get the full scope of the game in time. All Gear, Command and Character Ranks will stay with the free trial account and if (or when) you decide to upgrade to the full game, it will transfer right over. The full game upgrade costs $30 and grants you access to all 25 base characters. But for free trial players, if there is a character in the rotating roster that you want to keep playing, you can purchase them with Credits and have them unlocked.

Tiered Experiences

Split Screen Characters

These are primarily designed to soften the learning curve for new players, by introducing Command Rank locked levels that restrict multiplayer content. This isn’t drastic and is designed so new players can gradually move up in skill and learn the maps/modes, before reaching Command Rank 20. Once that happens, you are sent into the main queue and will not be able to access the Novice Tiers.


Founders Bonus Content

The Founder’s Bonus Content is an automatic boon to any and all players who have logged in and played before June 6th, 2017. It is designed as a thank you for supporting Battleborn and a homage to the community who helped make this game wonderful. As you can see from the above image, all Founders will be getting 50,000 credits to spend on whatever you want whether it be Loot Packs or Characters. You will also get 1000 Platinum which is Battleborn’s premium currency. This amount of Platinum will allow you to buy a lot of interesting things such as Taunts and unique Skins. The Bonus Content will gift players with the gold Mellka and Deande skins, you can see how the gold looks on Mellka above.


Moving onto the Loot Pack rewards, there are 5 Core Loot Packs, 5 Commander Faction Packs, one for each of the 5 factions which grants faction specific gear, and has a high chance to gift rare Gear and customisations. The greatest thing is the Founder’s Loot Pack, which was crafted and put together by Randy Varnell himself. This pack will provide three separate Legendary Gear items. The first one comes from the general Legendary loot pool, the second one originates from the boss Legendary loot pool while the third is very special and is called the Shard of Solus. All of these Legendary Gear items will come with guaranteed Flair.

The reason the Shard of Solus is so fabulous is because it has 0 activation cost, absolutely no flaws to counteract it’s strength and is designed to generate Shards over time. Activate this Legendary from the get go and watch your Shards soar over the course of any match. The Founders definitely have an edge here. The final part of this pack which was also handcrafted by Randy Varnell is the exclusive Founder title and design, which you will be able to show off as soon as the large update downloads.

Customisations Galore

OM Chef Hat.jpg

There are two new types of customisations that have arrived in Battleborn. The first are known as Flairs and they equip to the Gear you gain from Loot Boxes. The Flair has a small chance of dropping from Loot Boxes attached to random Gear. There are three types: Hats, Ears and Horns and it is possible to have all three at once, all you have to do is activate them! If you do not want to battle with RNG for Flair, however, you can purchase the new Magnus Pack, which will grant you a guaranteed random Flair as well as a chance at some new skins, featuring the colours red, white and yellow.

Fireworks FInisher

Now the final customisations are known as Finishers and these are special effects that activate upon you killing an opponent. There are Fireworks, Dead Fish, a Disco Ball and Love Hearts, adding that little slap in the face to those you murder.

There is no RNG involved with the Finishers, they are purchasable boosts that last for 24 hours. However, any and all kills done in that time will activate these lovely effects.

That about sums it up for Battleborn’s Summer Update. Definitely, check it out and come join us in the fight to save Solus.

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