Call of Duty

Go Brainless For ‘Call Of Duty WWII’ Zombies

Ever since late 2008, Call of Duty has played host to the aggressive, sub-human Zombies who attempt to maul and murder you while you shoot them with every manner of weapons. Zombies have been a staple part of the Call of Duty series for just under 9 years and WWII is no exception.

New images and video have been released showcasing the Zombies mode and a little of what we can expect. First off, Sledgehammer has come out and said that the Zombies mode will be based off true events, which may leave a few of you reeling. What this refers to is the secret Super Soldier program conducted by the Nazis, that attempted to access latent psychic (as in the mind, not picking up stuff and throwing it with your mind). This program also attempted to reduce pain, increase loyalty and enhance the physical strength of the subjects. Suffice to say it did not work and left the Germans with a lot of dead test subjects.

Call of Duty WW2 Zombies.jpg

The fact that Call of Duty: WWII Zombies has a backstory is great news for the series as for the most part, a story always enhances an experience. It also allows the game to deliver a seamless jump from the main campaign focusing on World War 2, to a mode that is seen by some to be quite far fetched. Not so out there now!

The Call of Duty WWII Zombies reveal trailer gave us a look at some of the weapons that we will possibly be able to acquire and use. These include axes, knives and swords, as well as the standard machine guns, assault rifles, shotguns and pistols. The trailer also revealed what could very well be one of the maps for Zombies itself (the trick is you look for zombies). The map is a classic WWII sight, lines of trenches and a long stretch of no mans land. Zombies appear to be coming from across the strip of deserted battlefield as well as from inside the trenches so it seems to be shaping up to be a very chaotic mode.

Finally, there were three main characters seen in the COD WWII Zombies trailer, an American soldier, a Russian soldier and a Japanese soldier. There could possibly be a special significance to these characters, and with the confirmation that the game will have a diverse playable cast they could very well be some of the protagonists of the game. Or they could be selectable characters for the multiplayer mode. Only time will tell.

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