Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Zinh The Tyrant Is Igniting The ‘Paladins’ Realm

The latest character to march towards Paladins: Champions of the Realm is the fire loving Flanker, Zinh the Tyrant. This character pays homage to Chinese and Japanese warriors, and Zinh is a very fearsome warrior at that.

Flame Sword Zinh

But enough vague history lessons, let’s break down what this new Champion can do. Zinh’s weapon of choice is an ornate sword that really should be taken care of and cherished, and which he sets on fire in order to launch devastating fiery projectiles. These projectiles are not similar to the rockets fired by Drogoz, but instead, have a wide area that can damage multiple targets at once. This method of attack puts Zinh at the close to mid-range areas of combat, with the fire arcs not dealing any damage at the longer ranges. This means players will have to be sneaky in order to utilise this Flanker well, without being seen.

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 9.28.57 am.png

Zinh’s next ability is known as Counter, which allows him to block any incoming damage from the front and then launch forward dealing a counter strike that results in 700 damage being dealt against the original aggressor. This, according to Raynday Gaming, will allow Zinh to reflect back some Ultimates, including Drogoz’s Dragon Punch and Pip’s Evil Mojo. This is an amazing ability full of potential and promise, however, it will only function with damage to the front, and any splash damage or damage dealt from the sides/behind will still be felt by Zinh so keep that in mind.

His next ability is one that is able to damage multiple Champions as well as granting him increased mobility. It is known as Whirl, and with it Zinh hurls forward while spinning his flaming sword in an arc, damaging all foes caught in its radius. Zinh will dash in any direction that he is facing which is awesome, but you the camera is not fixed, meaning you can turn while in motion, preparing you for another onslaught against your unlucky opponent.

Now we come to Billow, a movement/damage reduction skill that allows Zinh to disappear into a puff of smoke, except that he doesn’t disappear. Zinh appears to become shadowy and is immune to all damage for a short time. On top of this, Zinh’s movement speed is increased by 20%, which may be enough to escape the heat of battle for a short time. The only downside is that he isn’t lost from sight, meaning that opposing Champions can renew their onslaught as soon as Billow ends.

Spite Zinh

Zinh’s Ultimate is a one that is good for dealing a tonne of damage against a single player and can be the final nail in the coffin for the unfortunate soul who wandered off from the team. His Ultimate is called Spite and allows him to launch forward and incapacitate and enemy, holding them in the air, as he completes a flurry of fiery melee strikes obliterating 2000 damage over 1.5 seconds.

Zinh the Tyrant aka the Darklord will be arriving in the OB52 Patch and will be a worthy addition to the Realm. Plus he sounds evil when he talks and I personally love it!!

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