Paladins: Champions of the Realm

The Realm News: What’s Coming In ‘Paladins’ Patch OB52

Hi-Rez Studios have presented the upcoming OB52 patch for Paladins: Champions of the Realm in their latest Twitch stream and it definitely has shown us some awesome upcoming content!

First up, is going to be great for those players who wish to analyse other players loadouts and Legendary Card selection. Maybe it is to improve your own loadout choices or maybe even to realise why you and your team got obliterated in the last match. It will definitely add a bit more competitiveness to the game and will be almost essential for the Paladins esports arena.

Primal Court.png

There is a new mode coming in this Patch known as Onslaught. Within this game mode, the object is to have more Tickets than the opposing team when the timer hits 10 minutes (that’s all you have). There are two ways to get Tickets, the first being the standard getting kills kind of way, five tickets per every kill that you get during the course of the match. The second way is to hold the central Control point, which is similar to the Capture point in Siege, but with a much larger radius. Whichever team controls this area will gain two tickets per second, which will enable you to gain an impressive lead, but it may be a hard fight.

It was described as a more combat-friendly and free-firing mode, with lowered spawn times and a greater emphasis on enemy player kills, but still keeping that objective for those players that enjoy controlling a point. Optimally you should utilise these two methods in order to win but each team is different.

While PC players are enjoying charging in with the latest Frontline character, Ash the War Machine and consoles are eagerly awaiting her arrival, a new character has been announced and he is on fire, well his sword is. Zinh the Tyrant, or the Darklord to his enemies is also arriving in Patch OB52, and his speciality is flanking.


Replicant Ying.png

It is always exciting a new Character skin makes an appearance, I for one was ecstatic when I could finally get my hands on a Mal’Damba skin after so long! In OB52, we will be able to acquire the Replicant Ying skin (above) which makes her seem very AI-like. Her hair has rippling light effects in her hair and her mirror has gotten an upgrade (get it because she’s an AI?).

Viceroy Willo

Everyone’s favourite Fae is also getting a new skin, known as Viceroy, she becomes resplendent in tangerine and takes on the appearance of a gorgeous butterfly in the spring. This skin will be available as a direct purchase in the OB52 Patch.

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The final guaranteed skins that are coming to OB52, are only going to be available if you tune into Paladins esports matches and tournaments. Maybe there is a code that will be made visible when you are tuning into the matches. These two skins: Bloodmoon for Cassie and Quicksilver for Ying, appear to be a reskin of some of their previous outfits, but they definitely are quite cool to look at! If you wish to acquire these, you will need to follow @PaladinsPro on Twitter for updates to the Paladins esports.

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 11.00.12 am.png

You may have heard recently or even seen the new Mastery skins that arrived to Paladins in OB51 (currently only PC). These are sets of Skins, and other cosmetic items that have awesome visual effects and make the characters look ethereal! They will be accessible at level 10 for the Obsidian collection and level 15 for the Cosmic collection. However, it is only open to a certain number of Champions with more being added in the upcoming Patches. In the Twitch stream, we learn that the Evie and Mal’Damba Mastery skin collections will be added in OB52, with three more to come in OB53. Exciting stuff.

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 9.11.54 am

Hi-Rez Studios initiated a Community Skin Project where members of the Paladins community voted on which character they wanted to receive a new skin/skins. The winner was SERIS which makes me so happy as a Seris/Mal’Damba main! Now the community has to vote on which one of the above four skins will be the next to enter the realm, and hopefully it will arrive in OB52. We have got the Angelic skin, the Demonic skin, the Voodoo skin and the Egyptian skin. Personally I am in love with the Egyptian and Voodoo but we will have to wait and see.



    1. Thank you so much!! I have never wanted something as much as I want that Egyptian skin!! I’ve already got my Chancellor Mal’Damba and now I NEED Egyptian Seris!! Hell yeah we defs need more good Seris players so yaaaay!!


  1. I like the Egyptian Seris it will be awesome to have it cause then you can add like sand balls which are the magic balls and turn them into sand and she can have Egyptian powers!


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