Building The Foundation Of The Order With ‘Assassin’s Creed Origins’

Assassins Creed Origins was officially unveiled at the Microsoft E3 Conference, both with a new world premiere trailer, as well as a shortened version of one of the missions you will get to play, where you hunt the False Prophet Mendunamun. The gameplay was presented in true 4K, and the visuals were vibrant and stunning, a great choice for Egypt.

Top View

Assassins Creed Origins will feature all of our favourite gameplay elements that we loved from the early games, with climbing and parkour still being heavily utilised. In the trailer, we can see our new protagonist Ba’Yek climbing up and sliding down one of the Pyramids of Giza. This alone is exciting.

Egypt Ships

On top of this, there will be the ability to control boats, presumably along the Nile, as well as the ability to swim. But it would seem that there is a fair bit of danger in the water, as the trailer showcases Hippopotami and Crocodiles as two of the very real threats of Egyptian life. Also brought back is the ability to ride horses, which is a saviour for all haters of running even in video games…with the added ability to fire a bow while riding on it.


The mission that is shown in the gameplay trailer was set in the province of Siwa, a town over which Ba’Yek is the last kind of ‘protector’ or ‘Egyptian chieftain’. We see an array of combat, as he stealthily moves towards his target. From the quiet and swift death from the bows to spears, axes, poison and the curved sword known as the Khepesh, there are a lot of different ways to decimate your foes.

At one point we even see Ba’Yek throw the Khepesh to stab someone in the back, which was awesome. Of course, there is the classic trademark of the Assassin Order, the hidden blade, which he utilises mainly for an air assassination. When he bent down to retrieve the Khepesh, there was also an option to poison the guard, which adds a bit more variety and a different route to assassination than we have seen in the previous games.

Character Customisation And Levels

As you can see from the above screenshot, there is the ability to set custom loadouts, granting you a much larger freedom of choice when dealing with the enemies within the game. Each weapon has a class as you can see from the above Amenhotep’s Bow (google the Amenhotep’s, they were good Pharaohs), with is Legendary. There is also the ability to level up weapons and Ba’Yek himself, which obviously would increase health, and possibly the damage of the Hidden Blade.

Ba Yek

The final thing would have to be the new way you can scout in Assassins Creed Origins. Using the hawk that always accompanies him called Senu (apologies if I get that wrong), you can send it up into the sky, take control of it and scan the surrounding area, even locating your target. This allows you to directly plan out your approaches and also provides a different variant on Eagle Vision.

Assassins Creed Origins will be released for the Xbox One X and Xbox One on October 27th 2017.


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