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‘Destiny 2’ Known Exotic Weapons Revealed So Far

So, for the Guardians of Destiny exotics are just a simple part of life under the Traveler, specialised weapons with amazing and unique effects that can definitely turn the tide in battle. Bungie is keeping the exotic formula the same in Destiny 2, with only one exotic weapon and armour piece being equipped at any one time. This article will seek to analyse some of the footage and images we have received from Bungie’s gameplay reveals and other sources.

Sweet Business

Sweet Business #1

First up let us start with the ones that have been known for a little while now, which were revealed in the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal event. The first one by design is quite obviously exotic with it being a giant Suros coloured mini-gun. When I first saw the Sweet Business, I honestly thought there was some kind of new chaingun weapon class but I was wrong. The Sweet Business is actually an exotic auto rifle, that has the exotic perk, Payday, which grants it a larger mag and increased hip fire accuracy.

As you can see in the above photo, the magazine can hold 90 rounds which is huge! On top of that, range and accuracy are increased the longer you hold down the trigger, similar to the perk of Thunderlord but with the added bonus of feeding any ammo pickups straight into the magazine.


Sunshot #2

Next up is the Sunshot, an exotic hand cannon that deals solar damage, allowing it to sit comfortably in the Energy Slot. Sunshot has the exotic perk known as Sunburn, which highlights targets that are shot and delivers its payload with explosive rounds. On top of this any targets that are killed with Sunshot explode with a burst of fiery energy, similar to the effect of Firefly but without the necessity for precision kills. It is essentially an Icebreaker handcannon.


Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 6.04.55 pm.png

Finally, we come to the final exotic weapon that we have a decent amount of information on. The above image (which was taken from footage collated by My Name Is Byf) is the new submachine gun known as Riskrunner. This arc sub delivers a spray of bullets in a very quick-like fashion and unsurprisingly for a gun of this type, has significant recoil. The Riskrunner delivers arc damage and its first perk is run off this. Known as Arc Conductor, this perk increases the damage of Riskrunner when your Guardian takes arc damage. Think of your Guardian as a giant circuit pathway channelling all the electricity into your weapon.

The second perk feeds off this and has a chance to generate chain lightning in a similar fashion to Zhalo Supercell and it can also return ammunition.

Wardcliff Coil

Dubious Volley

Now we come to the image of a weapon that may have gotten a few players excited when they first saw it. The Wardcliff Coil was originally found in the data files for the Taken King expansion as evidenced by the below Tweet, and when it didn’t arrive alongside a lot of the other exotic weapons released in the expansion, it left many people disappointed and confused.

With every subsequent expansion in Destiny 1, players (myself included) hoped and prayed to the Traveler that it would arrive but to no avail. Well, the gameplay premiere and gameplay trailers for Destiny 2 finally revealed this mighty rocket launcher. Dealing arc damage, it fires a high impact volley of projectiles at your enemies. Its perks are as yet unknown but based on this Reddit post, that came out around the release of the Rise of Iron expansion the perks may not be so hidden. We can see even from a cursory look that some of the perks look familiar, many of which were added into the game without much change.

In the case of the Wardcliff Coil, however, there are two perks that grab the attention. First is the Dubious Ordinance, which states that the weapon fires out a volley of high energy, explosive ordnance, and with the gameplay videos that have surfaced from the gameplay premiere, especially those from Moreconsole and DPJ, we can see that it does indeed fire out a lot of shots in rapid succession. The second perk is known as Dubious Munitions, which adds another round to the volley if you get a kill with that volley. This means that you could effectively go on a non-stop rocket firing spree until you, of course, run out of ammo.

Interestingly enough the Wardcliff Coil had its name changed recently, from Dubious Volley, which was confirmed in a Bungie interview with IGN. The name, however, was not revealed until very recently in a WIRED interview with Luke Smith. So the above Dubious perk names are probably going to be altered when Destiny 2 finally arrives.


Coldheart Stay Frosty

Coldheart was first revealed at E3 with a model of the weapon being handed right to WWE superstar and Destiny superfan, Big Show. Coldheart is a new type of weapon known as a Trace Rifle and this particular Rifle will fire a continuous supercooled beam of ice at your enemies. The Coldheart will be available initially via pre-order with it being available to other players a few months after Destiny 2 release.

Graviton Lance

Graviton Lance.png

The Graviton Lance was revealed in the spree of videos and content surrounding the European Dead Zone. This powerful Pulse Rifle is an Exotic weapon a lot of people are going to want to get their hands on. The Graviton Lance is an Energy Weapon that fires in a three bullet burst. The first perk is Black Hole, which significantly increases the damage of that third bullet in the burst. It really is a huge amount of extra damage that absolutely carves up enemies.

The second perk of the Graviton Lance causes enemy targets to detonate if they are killed with the Exotic. It is kind of like a small Void grenade that rises from the body of the target and violently explodes taking out nearby enemies rather spectacularly.

Plague Rat Gun

Now we move onto the weapons that are definitely of exotic calibre but which we are currently a little clueless about. The first up is this rat infested sidearm that has a gorgeous and intricate design alongside the barrel. It appears to have the 3D rats along both sides which have led some to believe it will be named with the theme of plagues, such as the Black Plague or Plague’s Curse (this one is mine, I think it’s cool).


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next up we have an exotic arc firing shotgun that features a sleek design and an interesting visual effect. The gun changes appearance slightly with each shot and arc energy ripples across the exterior of the weapon. Very cool.



There is also a void energy sniper rifle that was seen in both the Destiny 2 reveal, as well as in additional PVP footage. It features some futuristic looking blue wires and a rather bulky exterior. It has a square scope and in the PVP footage, the weapon is able to one shot kill a Guardian at full health with a body shot. Regardless of its exotic perk, it is a very powerful weapon.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 6.42.24 pm

Move over Gjallarhorn, there is a new king of ornate power in town…space. We know already that grenade launchers will be available as Power Weapons in Destiny 2. This gorgeously designed grenade launcher features a lion’s head all chromed out, with a glowing red eye. It is entrancing and most likely powerful. In the trailer, this grenade launcher was fired only once before being reloaded, leading me to believe that it will deliver a high damage payload (with additional effects of course) but will need to be reloaded after every shot.

Weird Grapple Hook Thing

Finally, we have what I first thought was some kind of futuristic grappling hook. There is no concrete information regarding this weapon apart from it appearing to be utilising void energy (the purple gives it away I think). There have been many theories regarding this weapons function such as it functioning as some kind of portal gun. If you watch the gameplay reveal (24:00min mark), you can see it appear to blow back the waiting Red Legion. Not only that but This leads me to believe it is some kind of Pulse Cannon type weapon, able to emit a burst of energy to blast back your enemies. But only time will tell what this weapon truly is.

What do you think of these Exotic weapons Guardians? Which one will you be gunning for when Destiny 2 is released September 8th, 2017?


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