New IP’s From EA: ‘A Way Out’ And ‘Anthem’ Are Coming

EA not long ago had its time in the spotlight, kicking off E3 with some very big announcements which included Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Battlefield 1 DLC. Also revealed were two new IP’s that look very tempting to casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Knocked Out Guy

First up is the new co-op game known as A Way Out, which is designed to be played with a friend…or unwitting ally in a co-op adventure based around escaping prison, and heading back out into the wide, wide world. Playing as either Vincent or Leo, gamers will attempt to escape prison and explore the world around them, completing objectives and following their own stories.

A Way Out is entirely designed to be played with co-op in mind, allowing your partner in crime to be right with you on this adventure both in reality and the virtual world. Both Vincent and Leo have things to do so both stories will play out at the same time once they have gotten out of prison, and even in the cinematic cutscenes, the other character will still be controllable.

Jump Leo

A Way Out will be launched in early 2018. This is definitely an interesting game and the first of many fabulous reveals at E3.

But now the really exciting news. EA announced a new IP developed by Bioware (makers of Mass Effect) known simply as Anthem. Despite giving very few concrete details on the game, the teaser trailer left all of us watching very intrigued and excited. Especially with the fact that even more details are being released at the Microsoft conference tomorrow.

Anthem Suit of Armour

The teaser trailer presented us with a dangerous world, where high walls are the difference between life and death. Featuring a futuristic and angry set of power armour, Anthem is giving off a powerful combination of Halo mixed with CrysisAnthem is apparently going to be a social based adventure, an attempt to rival popular shooter Destiny coming into its fourth year in September, with the release of Destiny 2.

A full-length trailer will be released at tomorrow’s Microsoft conference, so stay tuned.




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