Sea Of Thieves

‘Sea Of Thieves’ Took To The High Seas At The Microsoft Conference

Well, not entirely Sea of Thieves has been around for a fair while, and many lucky players have already been able to go hands-on with the game through Rare’s Technical Alpha. But at the Microsoft Conference, we got to explore the world a little, guided by a team of brave pirate souls.

Scary Shark SoT

We knew that Sea of Thieves was a team adventure where we assemble a pirate crew and do whatever it is our pirates feel like doing. Whether it is plundering shipwrecks, stealing treasure off other pirates or even dodging the vicious enemies of the game. And trust me, having dodged Sharks, they are not what you want to meet in the open ocean. But they are everywhere, EVERYWHERE!


In order to survive, you will need to have the back-up of your trusty pirate crew, to defend you as you explore hidden ruins where the dead live again and try and stab you viciously, or shoot you. Who knows where they were keeping the bullets?

If you can get your treasure back to one of the many trading posts scattered around the world, then you will be fine! If not, then your treasure is entirely up for grabs!

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There are other pirate crews sailing around the waters of Sea of Thieves and they really want your treasure! They may not want to do all the hard work of exploring and finding treasure, so they simply lie in wait for those that do. Ship to ship combat looks responsive and exciting, with each member of the crew operating a job, whether it is firing the cannons, steering the ship or even blasting yourself from the cannon onto the opposing ship and taking them out one by one. That could go wrong in so many ways.

Sea of Thieves still doesn’t have a release date, with the game being set for early 2018. The technical alpha is still running so make sure you sign up to give Sea of Thieves a test run, to tide over your excitement with this new pirate adventure from Rare.

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