Details Emerge About Gorgeous New IP From Bioware: ‘Anthem’

Yesterday at the EA Conference, we got the first look at the teaser trailer for Bioware’s upcoming shared-world RPG, Anthem. It is rumoured to be able to rival Destiny and based on the additional gameplay we received at the Microsoft Conference, it is definitely a possibility.

Anthem Ranger Javelin

Players will be able to don one of the many types of Javelin exosuit, which enhances the capabilities of the humans to superhuman levels. The Ranger Javelin (above) is described as a balanced all-purpose suit of armour, while the Colossus is the tank of the group, capable of dealing out heavy damage. All of these suits, however, seem to be able to fly utilising a small back-mounted jetpack, which also allows them to glide underwater.

Anthem Mortars

The suits are heavily customisable, with each player’s own distinct flair and weapons being able to shine through, as you explore the multiplayer world of Fort Tarsus. Equipping a large array of weapons, such as the targeting rockets above, you will be able to complete missions and objectives, from which you will be able to gain loot, from impressive weapons to customisation items and more.

Anthem Beast

The world of Anthem looks gorgeous but is full of dangers, like assorted monsters and large scale world events such as Shaper Storms, which take players away from the central areas and into dangerous zones, where the rewards are high. This is where having a team, of up to four players definitely comes in handy.

Check out the Gameplay Trailer from the Microsoft E3 Conference.

Unfortunately, Anthem is not going to be here for a while, scheduled for release on the Xbox One X, between April 2018, and April 2019.

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