Halo Wars 2

You Can’t Escape The Flood In ‘Halo Wars 2’ Awakening The Nightmare DLC

Halo Wars 2 has seen great success as a real-time strategy game where you control all your favourite units from the franchise in epic large-scale battles. Now the ever persistent flood virus has made it onto the Ark, which is a terrible thing for the universe!

For those of you who don’t know, the Flood are a series of parasitic organisms that take control over those they infect, creating all sorts of disgusting and vicious creatures, like the Infected Brute above. The Ark was designed as a haven holding almost every type of living thing in the universe, but it was also utilised to control every single Halo array, which were developed by the Forerunners to wipe the Flood from the universe. It did not work then and now some Brutes have gone and woken them up again, this time on the Ark.

We will be getting a new campaign that adds on to the existing Halo Wars 2 battles, which will be played from the perspective of The Banished (the bad guys) and their struggle against the mighty Flood.

We do not learn much from this new trailer, apart from an ominous voiceover from Atriox, stating that he told them not to go in there…which they ignored and now we have a genetic superplague on our hands. Hopefully, there will be new Flood Leaders for multiplayer control so that we can get hands on experience with the Flood units to infect other players. The Leaders could very well include the Gravemind, the very angry controller of all the Flood. On top of this we will also be getting two Banished Leaders to experiment with in multiplayer.


For all you fans of the Halo Wars 2 multiplayer, this DLC will also add the Terminus mode, which pits three Leaders and their units against an ever-increasing horde of enemies. You must defend your base and a Forerunner structure at all costs.

Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare will be released in Fall 2017, which is Spring in Australia.






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