Horizon Zero Dawn

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ DLC, The Frozen Wilds Unveiled

Playstation has had some heavy hitting exclusives over the last couple of years and Horizon Zero Dawn was no exception. Stepping into the shoes of Aloy, an orphan born into exile, you enter the world full of the usual dangers, ya know, bandits, large crevasses and cliffs, snow and HUGE WEAPONISED ROBOTIC ANIMALS. Some are simple and easy to take down, while others require more calculated approaches.

At the Playstation conference during E3, the first, but hopefully not last, DLC for Horizon was unveiled in a short trailer. Known simply as The Frozen Wilds, this expansion features Aloy’s search for answers in regards to her birth and the Sacred Mountain.

Aloy Cool Armour

The Frozen Wilds DLC will feature some new creatures of metal to face and loot, as well as new challenges to encounter. What intrigues me the most is the Giant Robot Dinosaurs that are scattered all through the trailer. This DLC seems like it will have some epic scale boss fights to keep us occupied through the cold winter.

Frozen Wilds Robot Dinosaur

Although the trailer did not reveal a lot about the upcoming expansion, simply providing context for the story and showing off some of the cool new futurassic (futuristic+Jurassic) metal monsters! There is no release date, aside from 2017, or pricing of The Frozen Wilds but hopefully, it won’t be too long a wait.

Check out the trailer below for some awesome shots of the real heavy metal (couple tonnes I assume);




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