Destiny 2

New Ghaul Trailer Released For ‘Destiny 2’ Plus Playstation Exclusive Content And Beta Dates

Today, at the Sony E3 conference, a new Destiny 2 trailer was released, showcasing our villain, Dominus Ghaul. The trailer is dynamic and gives Ghaul a lot more backstory, in that he has taken over and conquered so many worlds and in a rather chilling exchange, tells a Guardian that they are not strong, they have just forgotten the fear of death.

But besides showing off some more weapons and armour, there is not a lot to announce in terms of new content in this trailer. What was interesting was the news in terms of Playstation Exclusives for Destiny 2. It is similar to what awaited Playstation players in the original Destiny. Exclusive armour, a new Strike set in the European Dead Zone known as Lake of Shadows (featuring the Taken) and a new ship.

However, the greatest piece of exclusive content is the Exotic Sniper Rifle with an amazing name – Borealis. This unique weapon can utilise all three energy types; void, arc and solar, with a click of a button. It does not mean that you have to get lucky and have it drop with a given energy, the Borealis holds the capability of all three, which is awesome! Playstation players are getting the goods this time round. Check out the exclusive content below;

Finally, there is the small matter of Destiny 2 arriving TWO DAYS EARLIER than planned. This means that it will be released on September 6th as opposed to September 8th which is brilliant news. Less brilliant is that PC players will have to wait until October 24th for Destiny 2. Now, onto the beta of which there will be three types; PC, Console Preorder and Open. Playstation users who have preordered Destiny 2 will gain access to thebeta on July 18th, Xbox players who have preordered will gain access on July 19th and on July 21st, the beta will open to everyone who wishes to play. This beta will run until the 23rd of July, followed by the unconfirmed date of the PC beta in late August.

Destiny 2.jpg

The beta will showcase the Homecoming mission that takes place shortly after the Guardians lose their Light, the Inverted Spire Strike, PVP content most likely the all new Countdown mode and access to six subclasses which includes the Sentinel, Arcstrider and Dawnblade.

Mark your calendars for that beta Guardians, Ghaul is coming and we need all the help we can get.





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