Marshadow Has Stepped Into The Ring: New Information On The Elusive Pokemon

Pokemon fans have known about the existence of Marshadow pretty much since the release of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon but we never knew when the mythical Pokemon was going to appear.

New details have emerged revealing that this new Pokemon holds the typings of Ghost and Fighting, which is an awesome surprise especially since this is the first time any Pokemon has had that particular combination.

Marshadow Z-Move.png

A short trailer Tweeted by Pokemon revealed that the new Z-Move, known as Soul-Stealing 7 Star Strike which can only be activated by equipping the Z-Crystal Marshadium-Z. However, the Z-Crystal will only function on a special move that can only be learnt by Marshadow, known as Spectral Thief.

Spectral Thief is a multi-faceted move that deals damage to the target while also stealing any and all stat changes that your opponent has gifted unto themselves. So the Soul-Stealing 7 Star Strike is referring to taking away all benefits conferred on the seven different stat categories. Marshadow can only gain a +6 boost in each stat however.

I see you Marshadow

What was interesting about Marshadow is that its fighting spirit turns the Pokemon green when it attacks an opponent hence the green colour during the trailer. On top of this, it is rarely seen by humans because it often hides in the folds of a human’s shadow. Talk about stealth, and no wonder we haven’t had the chance to acquire it yet.

An official release date for Marshadow has not yet been announced but Marshadium-Z and the Pokemon itself will most likely be released via Event sometime in the near future. Stay tuned Trainers!




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