Could ‘Anthem’ Have A Weapon/Javelin Trading System?

So E3 has come and gone and one of the best reveals by far, in my not so humble opinion, was the new action RPG known as Anthem. We were given a brief gameplay trailer showing off the gorgeous environments, fearsome enemies and some awesome weaponry.

One of the topics that have been plaguing my sleep for the last few nights, is if Anthem will have a specialised trading system that will allow trading of weapons and possibly the Javelin exosuits. The gameplay starts off in a kind of bazaar in the central hub of Fort Tarsus. We are given glimpses of many stalls, either buying, selling or bartering their wares to the curious onlookers.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 11.36.58 pm.png

It could just be for aesthetic purposes but having a market, definitely gives off the vibe that trading could possibly be a thing. At the very least players may be able to wander in and buy assorted weapons, armour and upgrades.

Jarras Wrath.png

In the gameplay trailer, we were also given a glimpse at one of the weapons that will be acquirable in-game, most likely as a random reward. Jarra’s Wrath reveals that the weapons will both have levels and rarities, which may lead a little credence to an in-game trading system, similar to how Warframe functions.

Since the drops are random, you may be able to complete certain objectives and gain your special loot, run on back to Fort Tarsus and either sell or trade the item to gain something that you will use or like the look of more. The higher the level and rarity the item, the more it is worth so the more you will have to trade to acquire it.

This is, of course, all speculation at this point as we are eagerly awaiting any news on what I suspect will be my new favourite game. However, this concept could also extend to the Javelins.

In the gameplay trailer it is specifically mentioned that every player will own an array of the Javelin exosuits, and if there ends up being a fair few of these high-tech suits of armour, they might also be able to be traded for other Javelins. At the very least, I suspect an upgrade/part trading system of some kind.

Having a bazaar kind of set-up in Fort Tarsus seems too good to not add a trading post kind of system but I and many others await with bated breath.

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