‘Overwatch’ Map, Horizon Lunar Colony Has Got A Release Date!

You may or may not know about the new map that was teased a little ago, known as Horizon Lunar Colony. This map is set on the Moon at a specialised genetics facility that will feature wide open spaces, as well as a lot of tight, closed off corridors, based on the schematics teased a few weeks ago.

Horizon Lunar Colony Winston

We have learned that the facility housed a large number of Gorillas all being modified and tested, but not all of them enjoyed it as much as Winston did. The facility went offline after an uprising by the other Gorillas, causing Winston to leave the facility and head to Earth.

Horizon will be a map where 90% of the combat will be indoors and so it will be fairly different to the maps we have currently. But the outside areas that are available on Horizon Lunar Colony are going to low gravity, meaning that you can jump higher, fall slower and have many opportunities to use this new feature incredibly strategically.

The team at Blizzard have tried quite successfully to add content that showcases the growth of one of the intrinsic characters (Winston) as well as showcasing a bit of carnage that generally comes along with an uprising. The attention to detail and the contribution to the lore side of things makes this map extremely exciting.


Now that Horizon Lunar Colony has a release date, it may be fair to assume that we will hear details about a potential new Overwatch character, by the name of Hammond. Regardless if Hammond is our next playable hero or not, the map is still gorgeously made and adds a bit more flair and variety into the rotation.

Horizon Lunar Colony will be released June 20th, 2017 on all platforms.

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