Could The Exo Stranger Be Back In ‘Destiny 2’?

One of the admittedly few highlights of the vanilla Destiny campaign was the enigmatic Exo Stranger. No one knew who she truly was, where she was from or why she was in our time, and after the destruction of the Black Garden, she disappeared never to return. It has been the most annoying cliffhangers and Bungie will not acknowledge the existence of everyone’s (or at least my) favourite time travelling Exo.

You may or may not be familiar with the recent Kotaku podcast in which Luke Smith spoke about The Darkness and the Exo Stranger. While he explained that The Darkness was a general concept with no definitive meaning which will not be present in the story of Destiny 2, the Exo Stranger was mentioned as a ‘satisfying arc’. However, the major flaw in my theories to come is that it was mentioned that Bungie had wrapped up the arc of the Exo Stranger. Many arcs can be had in a single story though, which lets my imagination, and my hopes run wild for her return.

Not Forged In Light

The Exo Stranger is oft quoted for her stating that she is not a Guardian and therefore, not forged in Light. For those that do not know, the Light is what makes a Guardian a Guardian and grants them their power and undeath. We know that in Destiny 2 Dominus Ghaul and his army of Red Legion Cabal are coming to Earth in order to attempt to take that Light for themselves.

Now, it could be possible that maybe since The Exo Stranger has the apparent power of time travel, she comes from another time where Ghaul or some other entity was granted the Light causing the Guardians to never exist in the first place but that would be entirely speculation. On top of this, The Exo Stranger states that she has seen terrible things born out in the Darkness and that they will arrive to challenge the Light eventually. She could have very well been talking about Crota, Oryx, Skolas, SIVA or the countless other mini-threats that we faced as Guardians but it could also be extended to our latest challenge, being the Red Legion.

Exo Stranger Heroic

But seeing as how the plot of vanilla Destiny was kind of messed up, it could be me drawing at straws wanting answers about the Exo Stranger and wanting to see her back. If we travel back not-so-far to the Taken King expansion we saw the return of The Stranger’s Rifle and the arrival of the exotic pulse rifle, No Time To Explain. Taken King was widely acclaimed for getting the story of Destiny back on track and it was quite a decent pulse rifle to utilise. If we look at the flavour text, however, it has a single word of significance, being ‘Soon’.

No Time To Explain

It may be grasping at disappearing straws but since the No Time To Explain is seen to be an exotic version of The Stranger’s Rifle, it kind of hints at the return of the Stranger.

While Luke Smith states that they are happy with how the story arc of The Exo Stranger played out, many Guardians are upset and need to know more. She is too good of a character just to toss away especially with her lack of Light and the coming threat in Destiny 2. While it is not confirmed at this point, I think there is a lot of potential and dare I say, hope that The Exo Stranger will make an appearance during Destiny 2.







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