Horizon Lunar Colony Has Been Released For ‘Overwatch’ With Two New Arcade Modes

The latest Overwatch map has finally come into the rotation and it definitely does not disappoint. With a majority of large open spaces and an abundance of overhead walkways, there are plenty of ways to get in on the action. If the inside is a bit too pedestrian for you, you are able to duke it out, outside in the low gravity. There are only a few outdoor areas on Horizon but it is truly chaotic, people are soaring left and right, bullets flying (and often missing) and just enjoying the fun this awesome new map.

Climbing Walls.png

There is an abundance of clues as to the existence of the Gorillas that were originally isolated in this colony, with even minute details being thoughtfully added to our new death arena. We may even discover some long-lost secrets about Winston, and the reported new Overwatch hero, Hammond if we look hard enough.

Oasis Low G

Along with the amazing new map, Overwatch fans have been gifted with two new Arcade modes (which is great news for an Arcade junkie like me). The first is known as Horizon and is a simple capture-defend mode where you must capture/defend two points in succession. Every match will be played on Horizon Zero Colony to allow players to experiment with the new map and try to win.

We have also been given a Low Gravity mode which is my new favourite no matter how frustrating it is. This mode does not care about what map you are on, everything gets low gravity, from the above Oasis, to Route 66. You must capture and hold the point until your scoreboard reaches 100%. Easy enough. Low Gravity is a lot of fun although it may take some getting used to, as your targets can move a lot more and it is sometimes harder to hit them with any kind of projectiles.

So, get out there and try Horizon Lunar Colony and definitely try out the new Low Gravity mode you will not be disappointed.

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