Halo Wars 2

Arbiter And Spartan Are Clashing Once Again With The ‘Halo Wars 2’ Icons Of War Leader Pack

Another set of Halo Wars 2 leaders have been announced for the RTS game, featuring a tried a tested pairing that was iconic and integral in Halo 3 and beyond – The Arbiter and a Spartan. Not just any Arbiter and Spartan but the deadly and ambitious Ripa Moramee and Commander Jerome-092.

Each of these leaders features a new hero, namely themselves, as well as a spree of new units and powers.

Commander Jerome


Granted the acting rank of Commander by Captain Cutter onboard the UNSC Spirit of Fire, Jerome-092 is a highly capable and inspirational leader. He roams the battlefield utilising a powerful Hydra missile launcher and a powerful energy shield to protect him (as if the armour wasn’t enough).

Jerome-092 is not able to hijack enemy vehicles like many of the Spartans can but he can deploy a heavily augmented Mantis mech, dubbed his Command Mantis onto the battlefield to deliver some pain.

Commander Jerome-092’s Forces

Command Mantis: A hero vehicle nicknamed Theseus that has twin high energy lasers and an advanced energy shield.

Mastodon: This is a large troop carrier capable of delivering heavy assault forces, such as Spartan soldiers, to the front lines in a quicker fashion than them running. This troop transport is heavily armoured but lacks decent mobility in comparison to Warthog troop carriers.

Omega Team

Omega Team HW2

Omega Team is a rapid response Spartan team that provides emergency support to local resistances or zones, buying the UNSC time to mount a larger scale assault or evacuation. Three of the Omega Team members are available in the Icon of War Pack, being Robert-025 who is armed with a fast firing Plasma Cannon, Leon-011 who utilises a custom Energy Sword and August-099, who prefers a deadly accurate Railgun. All three of these Spartans have the ability to hijack vehicles and are delivered standard with energy shields.

Arbiter Ripa Moramee

Arbiter Ripa HW2

This new Banished Leader has an insatiable appetite for bloodlust and will do whatever it takes to recoup his former honour. Arbiter Ripa instills fear and awe into his troops utilising his Conduit of Rage passive ability. No information has been given on this ability as yet, but it is a fair guess that it could bolster the strength or fearlessness of his troops.

Arbiter Ripa’s Troops

Arbiter Ripa utilises a series of former Covenant troops that are easily recognisable and familiar.

Enforcers: These are battle-hardened Sangheili (Elites) who are essentially skirmish troops armed with Plasma Rifles, Plasma Casters and Plasma Grenades. They are fast moving and designed to hit the enemy heavily and then retreat allowing their energy shields to recharge before charging back in. They cannot sustain heavy punishment for too long.

Phantoms: Phantoms were usually utilised as troop carriers but the ones under the Arbiter have been heavily modified to serve as gunships and firing platforms, delivering punishment from up high.

Both of these Leaders are part of the Season Pass which delivers new Leaders and content free. However, you are able to purchase the Arbiter Ripa and Commander Jerome Leader Packs seperately for $5.99 USD, or together in a special dual pack for $9.99 USD. But I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to add these amazing new heroes into your Halo Wars 2 arsenal. They will be released later this month presumably alongside the Awakening the Nightmare DLC.







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