‘Overwatch’ Introducing New Highlight System And Loot Box Changes

Overwatch is introducing changes to the Loot Box system that will increase the amount of sweet, sweet loot that won’t immediately be exchanged for Credits. That is to say, Blizzard is drastically reducing the number of duplicates that will be found in the Loot Boxes.

Jeff Kaplan stated that we still would get the occasional duplicate because of the finite number of content but the reduction will be quite noticeable and hopefully will result in more Skins and Emotes and not just Sprays and Voice Packs. This would reduce the amount of Credits that you could accumulate seeing as how duplicates were one of the main sources of Credit income. However, to compensate for this reduction, Blizzard will be increasing the base number of Credits you can get as drops. This will mean that all the cosmetic items are more accessible than ever.

There are also plans to update the Highlights system, allowing the Top 5 plays to remain on your profile under the Highlights section for a full 24 hours. This counteracts the problem that could wipe away your Highlights if you log out of Overwatch.

A Recently Captured section has been announced which will be found under the Highlights tab. You will be able to bind a key/s on console or PC to bookmark a part of the game that you want to record. Then you can go to the Highlights section and either view them or save them to your chosen device as a video file. You can store up to 32 Recently Captured videos in this way.

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