Chains Of Harrow ‘Warframe’ Update Introduces New Quest And New Warframe

Digital Extremes has released details about a new update coming for Warframe next week. A new quest, entitled Chains of Harrow leads you to an abandoned Steel Meridian vessel that is found on the outskirts of Earth. You will then have to deal with the mysterious forces on board. The Chains of Harrow quest will be available for those players who have completed The War Within and have accessed the Mot node in the Void.


However, the biggest portion of the update is the arrival of a new Warframe, by the name of Harrow. Harrow is going to be a massively useful Support Warframe who is capable of increasing the defences of his allies, as well as bolstering their lethality. Harrow’s abilities include Condemn, which enables him to hold multiple enemies in place while bolstering his own armour, and Covenant, which shields all allies from enemy fire and converts the damage into a critical hit bonus.

Dual Wield Weapons

The Chains of Harrow update will also bring forth the ability to dual wield any single-handed secondary weapon and any thrown melee weapon to lethal effect. You are able to execute unique quick-melee combos as well as charge your melee weapon to deal additional damage against your foes.

While an exact date is not confirmed for the Chains of Harrow update, it will not be a long wait, reportedly arriving next week.

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