‘Anthem’ Will Have A Science-Fantasy Story Similar To The Style Of Star Wars And Marvel

Bioware announced their latest IP, Anthem, only recently at E3 2017, showcasing a large open-world, cooperative adventure full of mystery and danger. Since then, they have almost completely shut the lid on the tide of Anthem news, causing us to only wonder and speculate.

In a recent interview with CBC Radio, they revealed some small tidbits about what we can expect. Bioware’s General Manager, Aaryn Flynn revealed that the story for Anthem will be more science-fantasy based, similar to the genre Marvel or Star Wars inhabit. This, Flynn, states separates it from the Mass Effect series which is a grounded science-fiction. Apparently, as we are exploring the world around Fort Tarsus, there will be less emphasis on the why everything is happening and more emphasis on the reactions to the events. In fact, Flynn states that Anthem, “is much more about having fun in a game world that is lush and exotic and really sucks you in”.

Shaper Storm Anthem.png

This initially caused me some concern in regards to the story, as it seemed that the semi-casualness could really hurt the narrative of what appears to be a dynamic and ever-changing world. However, the E3 gameplay trailer showed off one of the many large-scale world events that will occur while you are exploring the wilds – Shaper Storms.

The gameplay trailer informed us that events such as the Shaper Storms will take players off the beaten path in Anthem and provide us with new stories to uncover. Since Anthem is a cooperative game, Shaper Storms could be one of many cooperative events, similar to Public Events in Destiny and the Dark Anchors in Elder Scrolls Online. It would seem that the choice not to delve too deeply into why these events occur, will allow Bioware to grant players a greater experience with more action and loot.

Anthem will be released in Fall 2018 which equates to Spring for those of you in Australia, but an exact release date is not in the cards at this point in time. Stay tuned for more information on this great new IP from Bioware.

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