Elder Scrolls Online

‘Elder Scrolls Online’ Bonus Event + Free Plus Trial

Elder Scrolls Online has been granted critical acclaim for delivering a consistent and immersive online experience set in the world of the Elder Scrolls. You are able to explore, fight or create to your heart’s content with little in the way of restrictions. Players who are familiar with the game would most likely know about ESO Plus but for those that don’t allow me to explain.

ESO Plus is a relatively cheap subscription service which gives you access to additional DLC when it is released as well as granting additional space for house storage, a unique Crafting Bag and 1500 Crowns per month, among other things. There are also special promotions which allow players to purchase unique items that are available for a limited time.

Dwarven Guar.jpg

Dwarven-themed items and Crown Crates are on the menu currently, giving the special animunculi look and feel to many popular items, such as the above Dwarven Guar Mount. Elder Scrolls Online has just recently announced a special event that is limited to ESO Plus subscribers, which will grant them a Dwarven Crown Crate every day when they log in from 5th of July to the 9th of July, for a total of five Crates. Hidden within are special Costumes, Mounts, Pets and Consumables which are either very expensive normally or quite exclusive.

Not only that but this event will offer a free trial of ESO Plus for non-subscribers. It will be located in the Featured Tab of the Crown Store and will grant access to all available DLC packs as well as an increase in storage space and a 10% increase in Gold and EXP earnings. However, the free trial will not grant the Dwarven Crates as that will only be for ESO Plus members who joined before the event starts.

There you have it, starting July 5th and running until July 9th, Elder Scrolls Online will have something for everyone. Sharpen your blades, collect your arrows and ready your spells – it’s time for more adventure.




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