Doomfist Officially Teased For ‘Overwatch’

Overwatch has finally done it, they have officially teased the new character known as Doomfist that fans have been clamouring for. In a lore-filled blog post, which has since been taken down from the site (with a rather sarcastic error message I must say), Blizzard explains that Doomfist has been broken out of prison by Reaper which is a surprise to no one.

Numbani Defence Bots.jpg

There is a voice line said by Reaper when you are playing on Numbani, which has him stating that “Doomfist should do his own dirty work”. Backing this up is the fact that the Overwatch blog stated that once Doomfist was broken out of prison, he reclaimed his Gauntlet from Numbani, which would explain the destruction of the Security bots and the huge fist shaped gouges in the walls.

Doomfist is not a simple name, more of a title, a legendary title that has already been claimed by two others and it seems that Akande Ogundimu, who was mentioned in the Overwatch post is the next to take on the mantle, The Successor.

Doomfist was not meant to be a playable character, simply featuring in the original Overwatch animated trailer in the form of his famous Gauntlet, but as fan requests blew up in regards to the potential new character, Blizzard began messing around with his concept. It is unlikely that Doomfist will be the next character release for Overwatch given how important he is to the community in general, as well as the previous tease that we would be getting Hammond, the intelligent Ape/Chimp who escaped from Horizon Lunar Colony.

Terry Crews Overwatch.jpg

While it is not yet confirmed, it is entirely possible that Terry Crews will be the voice of Doomfist. Apt muscle and fist-related jokes aside, Crews is an avid Overwatch fan and who has been lobbying to become the voice of this highly anticipated Villain.

More details will hopefully be revealed soon.


      1. Do you think Doom will be voiced by Terry Crews! Because I’m honestly praying for that!


      2. I can just imagine him yelling constantly and I want an emote of him Doomfist doing the Pec Bounce :’)


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