Doomfist’s Abilities And Origin Trailer Revealed For ‘Overwatch’

So it is that time of year. The greatest time of year. Blizzard has finally officially announced that Doomfist is coming to Overwatch. This offensive hero is going to very, very fun to play in both casual and competitive. Jeff Kaplan, Game Director for Overwatch took to the Youtube in order to describe the new abilities that Doomfist will implement.

Doomfist’s primary attack is a series of knuckle-mounted shotguns on his left hand which can be fired in rapid succession or they can be saved up and used in a more ‘rhythmic’ fashion, to quote Jeff. Despite being the primary attack of the character, Blizzard, through this Director Update video has stated that they do not intend for this attack to be his main mode of kills…I mean look at his name – Doomfist. You are going to get kills with his fist.

Hammer Fist.png

The alternate attack of Doomfist is known as Rocket Punch, which is a wind-up attack dealing out more damage and causing DF to travel further the longer it is charged up. This attack is going to be quite interesting as it can deal heavy damage if they are punched into a wall, as well as go through shields. That’s right, no Reinhardt shield can stop Doomfist!

His next ability is known as Rising Uppercut and is pretty much how it sounds. Doomfist will deliver an uppercut and fly up into the air, taking another opposing player with him that you know is going to look so cool. Complimenting this is an ability known as Seismic Slam, which can be activated whenever Doomfist has altitude off the ground. He will gain a targeting reticle and be able to utilise a large backhanded slam that brings any enemies hit by it, closer. Apparently, this will allow Doomfist to lead into all sorts of combo attacks with his other abilities.

Now, onto his Ultimate, which is known as Meteor Strike. Being professed as one of the funnest Ults in the game by the great Jeff Kaplan himself, Meteor Strike will see Doomfist leap into the air and gain a moveable targeting reticle. Once you have committed to his landing position, Doomfist will dive out of the sky with his namesake gauntlet outstretched, dealing damage as well as stunning any and all enemies that are caught in its radius.

Doomfist Gauntlet

Doomfist also has a passive ability known as The Best Defence, which gives him a shield every time a punch is landed successfully. The shield can be bolstered with successive punches but will decay over time. Doomfist is very much a beat-your-face-in-with-a-giant-metal-gauntlet kind of guy.

Further adding to the hype is the fact that Doomfist has already got an Origin Story that sees an animated battle between members of the Overwatch team narrated by, unfortunately, not Terry Crews but I do have to say, the voice suits the character very much. Doomfist is out in the PTR right now and there is already tons of footage of Doomfist play circulating the interweb so definitely check it out if you are interested.

*Gameplay images taken from the IGN gameplay video.


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