Destiny 2

‘Destiny 2’ Beta Trailer And Exclusive Beta Rewards

Players and fans of Destiny have known about the Destiny 2 beta for a while now but with an official trailer for the beta, as well as an accompanying blog post from Bungie, we have more stuff to talk about.

Story and Strike

Inverted Spire Strike.jpg

Beta players for Destiny 2 actually get a surprising amount of content beginning on July 18th (Playstation)/19th (Xbox) to July 23rd. First up is the fact that we will be able to play through the initial story mission, known as Homecoming, which sees the Guardians battle against the Red Legion, during the assault on the Tower.

We will also get access to the Inverted Spire Strike, which will see our merry Fireteams delve deep into the heart of a Vex stronghold and battle with dangerously powerful Vex. Featuring flashing light displays and hatred-filled-time-travelling machines.

Start The Countdown

Countdown Mode.jpg

Where would Destiny be without its beloved Crucible? During the Destiny 2 beta, you will be able to throw down with the new Countdown mode, where you must Attack or Defend a particular base point. You will be doing this on a brand new map designed specifically for Countdown.

That’s not all in the world of PVP however. Also joining the mix is Control, the classic point capture mode that apparently will have some impactful changes thrown in for good measure. The zones will be the top priority on yet another unique Crucible map designed with Control in mind.

The Farm

The Farm.jpg

The new social space, known as the Farm will also be accessible for a single hour on Sunday 23rd of July. Starting at 10am PST/4am AEST, the Farm will be available to allow the hard working people at Bungie a glimpse into how many Guardians the space can support at any one time. All the special effects and vendors will be disabled but you will be able to go enjoy as many games of soccer as your heart desires.


Sentinel Shield.jpg

Every single one of the new subclasses will be available during the Destiny 2 beta, including the Sentinel Titan which has so far been unplayable by the general public. So whether you are a sword-swinging Dawnblade Warlock, a shield-bearing Sentinel Titan or a crazy acrobatic Arcstrider Hunter, there will be something for everyone.

Rewards, Rewards, REWARDS!

Guardian Weaponry.png

It wouldn’t be Destiny without the loot dropping left, right and centre and the beta is going to be no exception, but there is a twist. While weapons and gear will be dropping from the Homecoming mission, Inverted Spire Strike and PVP (I’m assuming), none of the gear will be transferable over to the main game when Destiny 2 drops on September 6th. There is also still no word whether Exotic items will be able to be acquired through the beta but if I had to hazard a guess I would say that if any, it would be some of the main exotic weapons that have already been revealed.

Beta Emblem.png

However, there is one thing that will carry over and it is quite awesome, it is a unique Emblem. Seen on the Bungie blog, the above Emblem will only be acquirable from the beta and it will serve as a distinguishing mark to showcase that you took part in the beta and helped make Destiny 2 even greater.

The Destiny 2 beta will be dropping at the end of July and it will be available for all players, with Guardians that pre-order getting a few days additional play. Check out the image below for a full list of dates.

Beta Dates.png


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