Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Royalty Has Come To ‘Paladins’ With Lian The Scion Of Aico

Yet another Champion is coming to the Realm and if nothing else, she is simply badass, with an attitude that showcases her royal status. She knows she is better than everyone else. The sole descendant of the noble house of Aico, Lian wants to restore the power of her diminishing status which means she will fight and conquer until she is at the top, where she belongs. Lian is a new Damage Champion that will thrive at the middling to longer ranges with an

Lian Heirloom Rifle

Lian’s main attack is a middling to long range gun known as the Heirloom Rifle, which, like it sounds, has been passed down through the Aico family for generations. Sporting a large crystal set in the barrel and a definite antique feel, it is a rifle that exudes power and wealth. The Heirloom Rifle works best at the middling ranges where she can remain out of reach of most Champions while still dealing high damage. This weapon also fires quite rapidly, faster even than Androxus, which is devastating because it can take a lower level Champion out in three to four shots.

Lian Valor

Lian’s next ability is known as Valour/Valor, which sees her charge up a rifle shot (there is going to be a theme with this) and fire a devastating AOE attack. Valour deals 400 damage to every and all Champions that are hit in the blast, which if you suck at math like I do, equates to a total 2000 damage if you manage to hit all your opponents.

Lian Presence

Lian can utilise an ability known as Presence, which is perfect for those groups of opponents that you just can’t get rid of. Featuring yet another charged up shot, Lian fires a piercing bullet that goes through any and all enemies in the straight line of the bullet’s path. Hypothetically, if all five enemies were running at you in a line, you will deal pierce damage to all of them. A downside to this is that you cannot pierce through walls which makes sense (can’t have it be too powerful).

Lian Grace

Lian’s movement skill is kind of similar to the way Lex’s In Pursuit ability works. Known as Grace it causes Lian to slide in the direction that you were moving in, firing an unmissable shot at the closest enemy. Combining sudden movement with additional damage is going to be a deadly combo.

Lian Enlightenment

Finally, we have her Ultimates, one of the coolest and powerful abilities in Paladins. Enlightenment is yet another charged up shot, which imbues Lian with the power and noble energy of her house. She deals 1600 damage with this single shot but that’s not all, she also gains CC and damage immunity during the application of Enlightenment. She cannot be killed mid-ultimate which makes the charge almost irrelevant. However, if Lian scores a kill with Enlightenment, her Ultimate charge will be refunded to 50%, meaning that using your Ultimate and scoring a kill will give you half your Ultimate back.

Lian the Scion of Aico will be coming to Paladins: Champions of the Realm in OB54 and she is definitely going to be my new Damage main.

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