‘Warframe’ Is Getting An Open World Expansion: Plains Of Eidolon

Warframe has seen great success for creating a multitude of different environments for players to tackle, from the lush jungles of Earth to the mysteries of the Void, but with the latest update to be announced, entitled Plains of Eidolon, the standard formula is getting shaken up.

Bleeding Tower

You will be travelling to the makeshift town of Cetus, which was built by a society of scavenging survivors known as the Ostrons which thrive by harvesting a giant biochemical construct by the name of the Bleeding Tower. The town itself consists of a series of coloured tents that serve to create a Bazaar. Within this area, assorted vendors and merchants work tirelessly to try and eke out a living, while hordes of Grineer mine the surrounding areas for artefacts of the Old War, a large-scale series of battles that are referenced in the lore of Warframe.

Spectral Giant.png

Unlike the previous Warframe updates Plains of Eidolon will have a large open world where we are free from any and all mission timers. Instead, there will be a number of different ways to explore the surrounding landscape as well as multiple mission objectives to complete. You acquire unique missions while in the Bazaar and can choose to depart at any time, at which point you will transition to the Eidolon Plains, a gorgeous landscape full of unique wildlife and dangerous foes. With the reveal of Plains of Eidolon, it was also mentioned that we will be able to encounter the mysterious and powerful Spectral Giant if we venture into the plains at night.


In regards to actual gameplay, while the new social space of Cetus will be able to accommodate up to 50 players, the assortment of missions will still only be open to a maximum of four players. Not only that but the Archwing has now been updated. No longer solely for underwater or space travel/combat, the Archwing is now available for both fast travel and a differing combat option. This will grant a lot more freedom and choice to Warframe. Not only that but there will be actual weapon development. What I mean is that there are certain traders/merchants within the Bazaar itself that will allow you to customise and build your own unique weapons and armour pieces. They will even have names! That you get to create!

Digital Extremes have also paid extreme (see what I did there?) detail to the environments we will be setting off to explore. With the inhabitants of Cetus equipped with a myriad of different clothing, groups of children roaming the Bazaar wearing colourful masks of their favourite Warframes as well as a unique diurnal cycle (Day and Night), Plains of Eidolon, is shaping up to be the most immersive Warframe experience yet.

There is no solid release date for Plains of Eidolon as yet but it is scheduled to come to Warframe later this year. A wide new locale is just waiting to be explored Tenno, get excited.








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