Destiny 2

‘Destiny 2’ Control Changes Outlined

Keeping up with their coverage of Destiny 2 IGN has released a video where they discussed the new changes coming to the Control game mode, with Crucible Lead Lars Bakken.


The changes made to Control are not incredibly huge but they are meaningful enough in that the mode has become more streamlined and will lead to a lot more fun. Of course, we already know that in all standard Crucible modes, combat will be 4v4, which is designed to make it a little simpler and I guess, in a way, more intimate. However, the Control points have also been revamped,  with a removal of the neutralising feature that effectively doubled the time you would have to remain on the point.

A simple mechanic that was in the original Destiny Control mode was the Capture timer that would speed up the time needed to capture a point if there were multiple allies on it at the same time. Lars Bakken mentioned that they removed this timer in order to promote greater tactics on the whole and that it could allow for more interesting matches with multiple people performing different roles. I am trepidatious about this feature as a main problem with the original Control was that in some matches, people would run off to score kills leaving the poor souls who wanted to try and win to capture the points alone. With the new changes leaning towards this style of play, it has me worried but optimistically worried.

With Destiny 2 you will not have to worry about the initial capture of A and C because Bungie has taken care of that for you. At the beginning of a match, points A and C will be pre-captured, allowing you to begin the game with gusto and either rush in to capture B or to attempt to wrest the opposite point of the enemy teams hands. With this as well, in the IGN tour of the Endless Vale map, it was stated that a Power Ammo box will be present near both A and C so that both teams have a chance to gain Power Ammo.

Power Play

Now onto the point system, which has been simplified greatly. No longer will there me a mass jumble of numbers that factor in how many zones your team holds and the type of kills you earn, in Control a single kill will earn you a single point. When your team scores two points, you will gain a notification of a sort (top of the picture) that says Zone Advantage, meaning every kill will earn you two points. Three zones controlled will net you the Power Play bonus boosting your score to three points per kill. That math is basic enough that anyone who doesn’t want to capture the points in Control will understand (Bringing up some old stuff).

Finally, the new Destiny 2 Control matches will be shortened with a grand total of eight minutes until the match finishes, which is a great change. Destiny Control matches could drag on and on and with this, plus the continued implementation of the Mercy Rule, allowing matches to end early if you are getting crushed, will serve to make it more fresh and fun.

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