Into The Void: New Sentinel And Voidwalker Gameplay Revealed For ‘Destiny 2’

Through the Destiny 2 reveals we have seen extensive gameplay footage for pretty much all of the subclasses, except for two main ones. The Sentinel Titan and Voidwalker Warlock have remained shrouded in mystery – until now.

IGN has continued with their exclusive Destiny 2 coverage with gameplay of both the Sentinel and Voidwalker in the newly revamped Control mode. Here is what you need to know:

The Sentinel

The Void Titan has so far been the only new Destiny 2 subclass not played at any major events or reveals, but have no fear it will be playable during the beta. Before we get into the Super itself we should talk about its other abilities.

During the gameplay, as the Sentinel rushed around a corner, it was noticed through both sight and the sound of Lift disengaging, that Titan skating is going to still exist in Destiny 2 which is wonderful and definitely going to provide a huge advantage for this stalwart defender of Light.

Titan Grenade.jpg

Onto the Grenade which appears to be similar in design to the explosive Incendiary Grenade or the Suppressor, but with less suppress and more kaboom. The Sentinel’s grenade appears to be able to bounce and roll like the more basic of Destiny’s grenades but appears to have a large radius both upward and in the immediate area surrounding it. The poor Guardian facing this grenade was incinerated without too much effort.

Titan Barricade

For those of you who don’t know, each Subclass and Class type have certain powers that can be activated on the battlefield to provide a larger branch of customisation, as well as to make combat more interesting. Within the gameplay reveal, you can see the Sentinel using the Titan Barricade quite heavily but with the public still yet to get their hands on the Sentinel, there is most likely another little power hidden up their bulky Void sleeves.

Destiny 2 Sentinel Shield.jpg

The Sentinel Super grants the Titan a powerful Void shield and a pretty significant agility boost that appears to be similar to how the Arcblade Super functioned. Enemies can be bashed into a purple mist which was the majority of the time when the Super was activated, but it can also be thrown. It is seen quite clearly that the Sentinel can both use his shield as a battering ram but also as a ranged weapon which BOUNCES off both targets and the environment itself, which is awesome.

The Voidwalker

The Voidwalker is my main Subclass so this gameplay reveal is quite exciting. In terms of the power, the reveal only showcased the standard Rift healing ability that we have seen countless times before. This Rift, for those who don’t know, can rapidly restore the shields of your allies and yourself, providing you aren’t getting shot at the time.

The beloved movement skill of the Warlock has come back, bringing with it memories of an awful time where Blink shotgunners were the bane of the Crucible. In case you haven’t guessed, Blink is back. With what appears to be an increased teleport range and a cool new sound effect to boot!

Voidwalker Grenade

It would seem that the Scatter Grenade (if it is still called that) has gotten revamped, by removing a larger number of the scatter charges but bolstering it with increased damage radius and bouncy height. The original Scatter Grenades were too clustered to be utilised effectively in competitive PVP. Amazing for PVE though but the apparent changes will presumably work to make it a viable option in both settings.

Nova Bomb

The biggest change to the Voidwalker Warlock is in the Super, the Nova Bomb, which sees a large coalescence of void energy thrown at enemy players. Well, the travel speed of the Nova Bomb has been decreased by a pretty decent amount and given the obvious animation of the beginning of the Nova Bomb, it wouldn’t be hard for an aware player to move out of the way. Well not entirely true, because the Nova Bomb has been granted with a massive increase in size and explosive radius, which will give you a better chance of hitting the enemies that attempt to escape.

Not only that but the Nova Bomb itself appears to have a significant tracking capability which, in the gameplay, we could see angle itself around a corner to hunt down an opposing Guardian. This tracking is more noticeable than the tracking perk that was toggleable in Destiny. After the initial explosion, it was also seen that there were additional tracking bolts that hunted down the stragglers. I can only compare them to the tracking Axion Bolts, but it effectively makes the Nova Bomb more lethal than it already was in the original game. Suffice it to say I am super excited.

It was indeed raining void in the Crucible today my friends, and with the Destiny 2 beta just around the corner, it won’t be long until we can get our hands on these awesome Subclasses ourselves.

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