Competition From ‘Anthem’ Will Be Good For The Genre Says ‘Warframe’ Dev Digital Extremes

If you have been paying some semblance of attention you may have heard of the new IP that has come out from Bioware, an open-world sci-fi shooter known as AnthemAnthem is setting up to be a wonderful game with vast open environments and many customisable exosuits known as Javelins. Not long after the E3 reveal, Anthem came under a little bit of fire from gaming fans and the like stating that it is only a copy of Destiny.

Anthem Environment.jpg

Of course, this is not true, they are simply a similar genre and similar style of world (being open), and with the latest announcement that the free to play, third-person shooter, Warframe, is getting an open-world update, entitled Plains of Eidolon, it could resurface those old arguments.

However, Rebecca Ford, Community and Live Ops Producer of Warframe was not too worried when she spoke to PCGamesN, “I haven’t dug around with (Anthem) to see how close it is to Warframe, but when I saw it, it looked different enough that I think it’s going to help our user base realise that sci-fi is ‘in’, and you should play as much of it as you want”. This is an outstanding attitude from Digital Extremes and it shows the perfect amount of camaraderie and respect that the video game industry needs.

Ford goes on to say that since the genre’s of the games are similar, you will be drawn to other games in the same genre, “If you like Anthem, you’ll find out about Warframe, and if you like Warframe, you’ll like Anthem“. The same could be said of Destiny and AnthemOverwatch and Paladins and any number of games that share similar features or genres.

Digital Extremes is not looking at other upcoming games as simply competition, but as both a challenge and a boon to the gaming industry and to the genre, which is only ever going to be good for gamers.

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