Paladins: Champions of the Realm

From Dreamhack Valencia: ‘Paladins’ – The 30th Champ Arrives, A Wooden Ruckus And A New Map

The Paladins: Champions of the Realm e-sports event at Dreamhack Valencia, has been rife with action and amazing gameplay mostly due to the large spread of selectable Champions. Recently released Champs have seen their fair share of the spotlight from the immovable Knight, Ash, to the shadowy Oracle Seris.

There was a time, a long time ago, when the trickle of new Champions was practically null, but over the last year, Hi-Rez has been throwing in new and interesting Champions quite consistently. The latest announcement marks the THIRTIETH Champion to hit the battlefields of the Realm: Behold the new support, Jenos the Ascended.

A quote from James Horgan, the Associate Game Designer of Paladins, states how Jenos will fit in with the current roster, “with Jenos our goal was to introduce a support Champion who strikes a balance between interesting healing decisions and familiar gameplay. We want a character that feels natural both using his weapon and healing his teammates”.

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Not much is known about the ability set or weapon function as of yet but based on the above quote Jenos will definitely have a unique and possibly never before seen healing technique, while being a devastating force in terms of damage at least in regards to a support. Could we have a long range healer?

Ruckus Re-Design

Dreamhack Valencia also revealed a re-work of a popular not-entirely-willing duo – Ruckus and Bolt. Apparently, the reason for the re-work was to better root Ruckus in the fantasy world that the Realm is set in. Lore was at the core of this change in design and despite the interesting base lore that Ruckus brought to Paladins, being a Goblin piloting a war mech that holds the trapped soul of a fallen Elven king, it didn’t seem to work when functioning with every other Champ.

Going hand in hand with Ruckus’ new wooden exterior, is the new map, Splitstone Quarry which has been polished since its time in the Paladins test queue. The objective is in the shadow of the massive Stone Saw (which I hope will come into play during the game) and will have different avenues of attack than any of the previous live maps. This is an interesting response and due to the quarry/mine design, it could very well be interconnected tunnels that lead to an open central point. Regardless, we will learn more about the Splitstone Quarry tomorrow so stay tuned.

It was also revealed that the map will heavily be tied in with the lore and story of one of the Champions, and seeing as how one of Ruckus’ voice lines is ‘Could use more stickers’ and the fact that Ruckus is confirmed to have been a miner in the Splitstone Quarry it is a dead ringer for the goblin-piloted frontline. This seems to be serving as the true beginning of the fleshing out of the Paladins lore and the Champion’s stories which I am truly excited for.

Dreamhack Valencia will be running from July 13th to July 15th and will be featuring some talented and competitive teams. Not only that but reveals about the future updates and releases for Paladins: Champions of the Realm including more on the new Splitstone Quarry map are on the agenda. Stay tuned for any and all updates and let me know what you think about these new developments in Paladins. 


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