Paladins: Champions of the Realm

New ‘Paladins’ Map Detailed With New Trailer

Yesterday at the Dreamhack Valencia Paladins e-sports competition we got word of a new design for the popular front line Champion, Ruckus, as well as news about the newest support to come to the Realm. We also learned that there would be a new Siege map (Splitstone Quarry), emerging from the darkness of the test queues to become a staple in OB55.

Closed area Mine.png

A new trailer was released showcasing the intricate details and pathways through the map itself and it appears to rely heavily on close-quarters combat with a lot of side tunnels and mine shafts. But that is not to say that it will all be close quarters. Towards the end of the trailer, we see an able-bodied team of powerful Paladins Champions settle on the point, under the gaze of the Stone Saw.

The team at Hi-Rez most likely omitted a larger scale view of the point, especially since it was announced yesterday that Splitstone Quarry will have different avenues of attack than any previous live map, in the areas surrounding the capture point. This is incredibly intriguing, and like I stated in my previous Dreamhack article, my best guess is that it is a series of interconnected tunnels that will open up presumably above and below the point. But we will have to wait until OB55 to know completely for sure.

Points Of Interest

Blades Of Terror.png

Despite the trailer being quite short, it does showcase a lot of interesting map elements, which I am going to discuss here. First off is the swirling, spinning blades of terror and despair that appear before you. This very well could be a theme of the map, having dangerous equipment that is still running and could damage yourself or your team if you make contact with it. I have no doubt that a strategic Ash or Torvald could make very good use of this element.

Also making a cheeky appearance in the above photo is the crossed-out, stylised image of Ruckus. It has been confirmed that part of the Ruckus re-design was so they could better set him into the fantasy lore of Paladins and it was also confirmed that The Quarry would heavily feature lore about one of the Champions (Ruckus). It would seem that despite Ruckus being a miner at Splitstone, he had a slight falling out with someone or something and he was no longer welcome. We could very well find out the new origins of Bolt (The Mech) and why Ruckus fights in the Realm.

Splitstone Quarry

Finally, I am going to draw your attention to the lava-filled image above you, which also happens to be the feature image for this article. While I doubt that this area is going to be the location of the capture point (no large circle on the ground for one), it could quite possibly be a symmetrical feature on both sides of the map. We have a pathway and combat zone carving alongside the aesthetically pleasing lavafall and a set of stairs in the middle. Could it be that the central control zone is on a comparatively raised platform that is accessible by stairs on all sides? Plus with the quarry/mine theme, the payload could very well be a rail-cart.

I think it goes without saying though, that the lava is most definitely going to be another of the hazardous elements that this mine map will present to us. Once again, Ash or Torvald, or really any knockback character could take great advantage of this.

With PC recently getting OB54 and console scheduled to receive it mid-next week, it could be safe to assume that Paladins update OB55 will arrive in a couple weeks, but hopefully, it will arrive sooner. If you wish to check out the full trailer, please check it out below.

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