Paladins: Champions of the Realm

What Does The New ‘Paladins’ Cinematic Trailer Tell Us About The Future Of The Game + Potential New Champ

Hi-Rez Studios has provided IGN with an early look at their new cinematic trailer which showcases some of the more dangerous flankers attacking each other in a ruthless grudge match in what appears to be the courtyard of the Stone Keep map.

Cinematic trailers have seen increased use in the game industry with them being utilised as an effective and engaging way to convey lore or the stories. With Paladins being in open beta, there is still much to look forward to in way of development and new features and it may be possible that we are beginning to see the hashing out of unique character lore.

Games such as OverwatchDishonored, Destiny and many more, have bolstered the stories of their intricate worlds with cinematics, either inside or outside of the main game. The main thing that is now missing from Paladins is an amazing story, a source to learn about the individual Champions and their motivations in the Realm. What are the Champs relationships with each other? With this cinematic release, I believe we are seeing the first step in the releasing of that story.

It has been known for quite a while that Paladins was getting a story, with an interview done by Todd Harris, COO of Hi-Rez with Dualshockers. Harris was asked if we could expect lore in the future of the game which this was the response;

“Yes, later this year we will be revealing more lore. The Champions have very interesting stories, we just haven’t revealed those yet”

Seeing as how the Dualshockers interview was in May, I think July qualifies as ‘later in the year’. While the cinematic appears to be a random hodgepodge of conflict, it could provide some hints to certain allegiances and nemeses between some of the flankers. For example, we see the justice-seeking law bringer, Lex, hunting down Androxus the Godslayer. Among other things, it could very well be the beginning of an amazingly intricate story.

Siege Map Quarry.png

This early release comes a day before the beginning of the Paladins e-sports event, Dreamhack Valencia where they have hinted at some pretty big reveals including a new Siege map known as Quarry. Not only that but a Tweet published by the official Paladins Twitter account hinted at a new Champion that could be revealed on Thursday.

With what appears to be pure white eyes and a series of celestial objects and their orbits, the Tweet states that there will some “out-of-this-world announcements” which once again hints at a space Champion. Usually, Paladins reveals the next Patch or Champion once the previous patch is accessible by the public on PC, so it is very probable that we will be taking a trip to space at Dreamhack Valencia.

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