Sea Of Thieves

Unique Shipwrecks Are Giving More Life (And Treasure Of Course) To ‘Sea Of Thieves’

Sea of Thieves is an amazing shared adventure where you take on the role of a swashbuckling sea dog and scour the oceans in search of loot, adventure and danger. The latest inn-side story has all of that in equal measure, plus the potential for drowning on your search for all that treasure which is always fun.

SoT Shipwreck Treasure

As your ship glides through the sea with the sun or moon blazing overhead, you may spot a flock of Seagulls circling around a patch of water. Coincidence? THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COINCIDENCES WHEN THERE IS PIRATE TREASURE INVOLVED! Those beach chickens are alerting you (the pirate) that there is a sunken ship nearby and while it may not always work out this way in real life, in Sea of Thieves, a sunken ship means treasure!

First problem! Do you stop your voyage and delve into the deep? Or continue with your ill-gotten gains to the safety of an outpost? The choice is yours, but so are the consequences…. (ominous music).

SoT Shi[pwreck Diving

This leads to an interesting conundrum, do you send your whole crew down into the depths of Davy Jones’ locker or do you keep some salty sea dogs to guard your ship and any treasure you may already have. For there is always the promise of treasure on the high seas but you will have to brave the dangers of the ocean to get it.

Priority #1. Don’t drown – this is important and Sea of Thieves will have a terrifying experience for you if you happen to begin to run out of air. The screen will begin to narrow, simulating passing out, the music will become more dramatic (intensity intensifies) and of course, the inevitable death and lack of treasure for you.

Sea of Thieves Shipwreck Shark

Priority #2. Being eaten is a less effective method of acquiring loot, would not recommend –  2/10. The crew at Rare did not just want the lack of oxygen to be the only threat when shipwreck diving, for there are far more dangerous predators than pirates under the waves. Sharks will patrol the wrecks waiting for unsuspecting swashbucklers to emerge. They will swim around the wreck in a loop allowing you to time your escape and make it back to your ship with all your body parts intact. Plus, with no arms, you cannot carry treasure!

Plus, I am sure that as the game goes on, there will be more dangerous surprises awaiting the unwary, *cough cough* giant squid (please?).

Priority #3. Always check to the starboard side before you dive. Also port, bow and stern. Many pirates patrol the waters of Sea of Thieves and your precious ship is vulnerable while you are scouring another. Any loot you have stowed away could be stolen, your ship could be taken or even destroyed! The shipwreck of your mighty vessel will be the only reminder of your grand adventure, and fatal mistake. So beware your fellow pirates.

Floating Resources SoT

The discoverable shipwrecks that you will find in Sea of Thieves hold many wonders, mostly treasure but sometimes rival crews may beat you to the punch and abscond with the treasure before you even arrive. Never fear, because there are plenty of Barrels ‘O’ Plenty within the bowels of the ship-shaped husk, full of vital resources you will need on your voyage. Also, in a great move from Rare, these wrecks will also have floating resources, such as planks and bananas to make it feel more like a proper shipwreck. Nothing is ordered if you have been sunk. Words to live by.

Will you be a deep-diving treasure hunter, or a stealthy killer, waiting until the crew has disappeared from the deck, to take their treasure and their ship? Or maybe a ruthless killer just in it for the destruction?

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