New Details About The Story Of ‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ Unveiled

At the Disney D23 Convention, new details have been revealed about the single-player story campaign that we will have in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Following, the story of Iden Versio, the Commander of Inferno Squadron, a kind of special ops force, we will play through her journey of self-discovery and battle through the new world order after the destruction of the second Death Star.

As I briefly mentioned, Inferno Squad is a black-ops force that happened to be on Endor when the Death Star was blown the heck up, leaving many of the Imperial Forces, including Iden, lost and without leadership.

Luke held captive by Iden

Played by Janina Gavankar, Iden will explore the new world order and her place in it, while they continue the fight against the encroaching Jedi and the Rebels. Featuring a lot more action and space battles, this journey of aggressive self-discovery will bridge the gap between the Return of the Jedi and Force Awakens.

It was announced that Iden was elevated to the level of Commander in the Empire by her father, Garrick Versio who is an Admiral of an Imperial space fleet. In the short snippets of gameplay, we see Admiral Versio hand, Iden, a new set of orders, ones that she does not look too pleased to carry out. This single-player story is rapidly shaping up to be one of incredible action and unrivalled emotion and it is going to be a pleasure to take on this journey with Iden.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be released on November 17th, 2017 for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. What are you guys excited more for? The single-player campaign or the incredible multiplayer combat?

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