Shiny Tapu-Koko Available For ‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’

Have you ever wanted a shiny Hawaiian inspired Pokemon god/guardian who is electrically advantageous? AND is shiny? Well, Pokemon may have the event for you.

Tapu-Koko is the Guardian Pokemon of Melemele Island within Sun and Moon who is capturable towards the end of the (in my opinion) amazing game. Koko is one of four elementally charged Tapu’s who protect the four islands of the Alola Region and who you will capture and take them away from their beloved shrines (you monsters).

In Game Tapu Koko Shiny

But Pokemon has announced an in-game internet distribution event, beginning July 14th and ending August 14th, 2017. Simply log onto your Pokemon game go to the Mystery Gift settings and select get via Internet. Obviously, you will need a reliable internet connection for this to work.

The notable difference is that the outer shell of Tapu Koko is black, as opposed to the standard yellow, which looks a lot more badass. Trainers will have a month to add this amazing Pokemon to their collections. Do not miss out.

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