‘Paladins’ Community Tournament Series Announced: $350,000 Prize Pool On The Line

E-sports has done nothing but grow bigger and bigger over the last couple of years and Paladins has been at the forefront of that, despite it still being in open beta. With the conclusion of the Paladins finals at Dreamhack Valencia, Hi-Rez has taken advantage of the hype and announced the largest community e-sports tournament that has ever existed in the world of video games.

Dubbed, the Paladins Global Series, this community-based event will allow the best amateur Paladins e-sports teams to compete for in-game Crystals and cold-hard cash. There will be ten tournaments held over the course of the next ten months in seven different regions – Oceania, North America, Southeast Asia, Europe, Brazil, Latin America and Russia.

Each month, groups of amateur-level Paladins players will compete against each other in open-bracket play, for oodles of Crystal prizes as well as for a spot in the finals, which will be open to eight qualifying teams. In the final week of the month, these eight teams will battle it out in the Realm to try and claim victory and a $35,000 prize.

The Paladins Global Series will begin on the 1st August 2017 and will run until the end of May 2018. The only downside is that this community tournament is only accessible for PC Paladins players.

The event and the assorted matches will be streamed through the Paladins Facebook page and coincidentally enough, you can look for and create your own teams on their page as well. This event is definitely going to be exciting and if you think you are good enough definitely stake your claim in the Realm.

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