Skyrim Modwatch: Mystic Barrage Spells

For this edition of Skyrim Modwatch, I thought we could delve into some truly devastating destructive spells, with the Mystic Barrage Spell mod created by Hypertion utilising some assets from Hecatic Graea by Elysees.

This mod grants you access to a series of four very powerful spells that come in two variations – Normal and Voice. If you equip this mod, you will find your new spells automatically added into the Powers section of your Magic tab. The four base spells will include;

-Mystic Ice Barrage
-Mystic Shock Barrage
-Mystic Fire Barrage, and
-Mystic Elemental Barrage

Mystical Barrage Power

These act in the way you’d expect, utilising one elemental damage type, complete with all the additional effects as well as dealing heavy damage, with the exception of the Elemental Barrage which throws order to the wind and delivers pain with all three elements at once.

Mystical Frost Barrage Hands

So basically these spells summon glowing purple circles that automatically fire the chosen spell in the direction you are looking in. The normal versions of these spells can be equipped in either hand and can only be activated once the previous one has expired. This means that no two Barrages can be active at once UNLESS you cast two at the exact same time. The active time limit for the barrage onslaught is not short and you will have no problem mowing down any and all enemies that are in your way. But beware, because if the spells hit the ground, they will leave remnants of their destructive force that will damage yourself, your allies and your foes alike.

There are also Voice versions of those same spells, which allow you to utilise a different mode of attack with your hands. These can be used as often as you like, but they, like the normal spell versions, will consume 30 Magicka for each summoned circle.

The most devastating component of this mod are the Elemental Barrage spells, which as the name would suggest fire a brutal stream of fire, ice and electricity at your foes. The unique Elemental Barrage Power allows you to activate this devastating spell without a Magicka cost, but it can only be used once per day.

The damage dealt by this mod is directly affected by your Destruction level while the amount of summoned circles is dependant on your Conjuration. Despite this, the creator of this mod has stated that using these spells will not advance your Magic based skills.

That is about it for this version of Skyrim Modwatch. Let me know what you think and if you are interested, definitely go and check this mod out for yourself.





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