Destiny 2

4 Tidbits Found In The ‘Destiny 2’ Nessus Exploration Trailer

IGN has released a short teaser trailer that shows off the Planet Nessus that will be available in Destiny 2. Nessus, as we have learned much earlier is a Vex controlled planet where the vegetation seems to be battling against the time travelling robots. It is also where we will find the Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6, trapped and in desperate need of attention. The teaser trailer showcases some exciting things about the game so let’s get to it.

#1. Adventures


We know already that Adventures are going to be unique and fun missions that are essentially side-quests designed to fill out the world and add more depth. If you take a look at the trailer closely you can see several quest items that detail certain mission requirements. These sport the orange and white sword that represents the Adventure category.

It seems that we will be able to uncover the Adventure type quests while we are roaming around in Patrol presumably, but perhaps they can be found while undertaking main quests as well. It also seems that when you accept an Adventure, there is a mission countdown along with who has started the Adventure in question, which is a neat touch. This would obviously alert Fireteam members and even solo players that they are entering into an optional side-quest.

Exodus Siege Adventure.png

There were two Nessus based Adventures revealed during this teaser, being the Exodus Siege and Unbreakable, the latter of which requires you to collect a Large Energy Font, which I assume will require you to take out a considerably large and powerful Vex. Cannot wait to find out.

These are added to the Nessus Adventure that was cursorily revealed earlier this month – Release. Release involves a plot by the Vex to capture the Fallen (which seems like a karma-fuelled reverse of Skolas) which you will have to stop.

#2. Public Events

Unbreakable Void

It has been no secret that the Public Events are returning to Destiny 2, albeit with better rewards, and a map based alert system but the teaser offers a glimpse into two of the Public Events we will be able to complete.

The first is Vex based and is directed by the mission objective, ‘Disrupt Vex Construction’. As you can see, this Public Event requires you to prevent Vex from fortifying their underground structures. Sounds quite cool but it is very similar to the Vex Sacrifices Event, as evidenced by the ‘Integrations Remaining’ section under the Public Event directive.

The second Nessus Public Event is Fallen based and requires you to Expel Extraction Crews, in a similar fashion to those Events from Destiny 1. I am assuming and hoping that there will be unique Public Events to Destiny 2 and they will be left for us to uncover and conquer.

#3. New Strength Boost

Exodus Siege Adventure

If I may return your attention back to this image, you will notice that underneath the mission information there is something known as Combatant Power. Combatant Power could very well be a new strength boost and something to strive to gain while we attempt to gain back our Light.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 6.06.43 pm.png

In the IGN exclusive video that talks about Bungie’s vision for the sequel, we see this Character screen image that showcases a Power level as opposed to the Light level. So it would seem that certain objectives and missions will add to your Character level allowing you to take on more challenging activities and earn better rewards. However based on the vast abundance of footage of the Destiny 2 character screens that has surfaced, we know that eventually there will be a turnover to Light as opposed to Power.

#4. New AI Ally


If you take a look at the map while on Nessus (or more accurately check out the map in the video), you will notice that many Adventures and mission objectives address the aid of a ship entity known as Failsafe. This being is still shrouded in mystery although it refers to itself as Zavala’s favourite AI in the Inverted Spire Strike. What is confirmed about Failsafe is that its mainframe/core currently resides aboard the Exodus Black, a colony ship that crashed while on its way from Earth.

With the beta almost close enough to touch the Destiny 2 hype is only growing. There is a new adventure beginning September 6th Guardians – make sure you are ready.

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