Crackdown 3

‘Crackdown 3’ Gameplay Trailer Discussion + Analysis

Crackdown 3 is a highly anticipated open-world action adventure game from Reagent Games, Sumo Digital and Ruffian Games, where you get to spend your time blowing everything all the way to hell. A lucky Youtuber by the name of ‘theRadBrad’ managed to acquire some Crackdown 3 gameplay footage that shows off the general functions in the single-player mode. Hyper-agility, running and gunning were abundantly on the menu and let us not forget the explosions that would make Mr Torgue proud!

Mr Torgue

While the gameplay is not confirmed to be the absolute latest build it does reveal some pretty entertaining and interesting elements so let us dive in and check out this beautiful mayhem-filled environment.


Crackdown 3 Micro-Missiles

If there is one thing that Crackdown 3 is known for, it is the weapons that in the words of Terry Crews, help you to “Step up your BOOM”. During the gameplay video, there are the normal weapons you would expect in any kind of run and gunner. Tactical Shotguns and rapid-fire Carbines are relatively common weapon types delivering pain and death at every turn. But they aren’t spectacular. They aren’t devastating. Well, they are, but they aren’t Micro-Missile Launcher devastating.

The Micro-Missile Launcher fires a barrage of explosive payloads, one at a time to deliver annihilation wherever it is aimed. Being moderately explosive on its own is almost enough, but the fact that everything around can blow up too, just adds to the carnage. But, the best weapon that is shown off in the gameplay would have to be the Singularity Bolt.


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This weapon fires a singularity or a mini-black hole that sucks in all nearby enemies, civilians and objects, often leading to a massive and satisfying explosive boom. This weapon did not just work on cars and enemies though, also taking down a monorail that was zooming overhead with spectacular aplomb.

Not only that, but you are given access to a number of powerful grenades that we see the Agent constantly tossing like they are candy-canes on Christmas, but deadlier. There is also the capability to turn every single thing you find into a weapon itself, as we see the Agent picking up and tossing cars as well as finding these ‘power boxes’ and acquiring explosive payloads that you can throw to just add to the destruction.


Explosive Skill Increased.png

It would seem that the ability system from the previous Crackdown games is still in place, allowing your Agent to increase their proficiency in the Explosives, Firearms, Agility, Driving and Strength skill areas. You collect orbs from completing certain actions, such as blowing stuff up and from finding special orbs hidden in higher or hard to find places.

Prima facie (On the first appearance for those who don’t know the term) it seems like Reagent Games and Microsoft have just added some polish to the previous system and inserted it into Crackdown 3. Although, what you must consider with this is that there is an annoying lack of information on Crackdown 3 currently so we do not know what is hidden within all the pretty explosions and agility that is the stable of the game.

They could have purposefully withheld that info or shown generic gameplay from an early build so that they do not reveal all their cards at once. More than likely, the ability system will have some way that it will bring new life to the mayhem filled sandbox.

Addressing The Single-Player

Crackdown 3 Early Build Destruction.jpg

Crackdown 3 took a lot of people by surprise and garnered a lot of hype when they revealed a pre-alpha build of the game in 2015, where they showcased the fully destructible environments that were believed to be available in single-player. From being able to topple buildings to being able to punch holes and doorways in walls, Crackdown 3 was adding a whole new layer to the destruction.

However, according to a Eurogamer article, the Design Director at Sumo Digital, Gareth Wilson, stated that they decided against putting in a high level of destruction into the single-player mode because they wanted to focus on the cooperative 4-player element in a more fleshed out narrative that could be played offline, which would have been impossible with a cloud-based destruction system. The fact of it is, if a players internet dropped even slightly with an online single-player of this level, it could lead to a whole slew of new problems and complaints.

Not to mention that the narrative is based on saving the city of New Providence and it is hard to argue that you have saved it if it is lying crumbling, ruined and smouldering.

Crackdown 3 Babbage.png

Back to the trailer in which we see part of the single-player experience, and whether it is a side mission or a story mission there is a lot going on. Under the watchful and stern gaze of a ten-minute time limit, the Agent dashes around New Providence eliminating crime gangs and civilians alike in a carnage induced haze, fuelled by energy drinks and badass music. In different zones, we witness the Agent take down certain named enemies (those are the ones you care about) but the goal behind that is pretty simple.

Liv Sorensen.png

Gareth Wilson has announced that the story revolves around the Agent taking out various kingpins that control different areas of New Providence and you basically have to disrupt their operations or annoy them into fighting you directly. This is presumably, what the percentage reduction is during the gameplay, as the Agent takes out groups of enemies in different parts of town. Get the percentage counter to zero and the kingpin will come out and try to eliminate you. Wilson has also stated, in the same Eurogamer article that each kingpin will retaliate in a unique way so you will have to be prepared.

Comic-Style Boom

Crackdown 3 Environment.png

The style and graphics of Crackdown 3 utilise a technique known as cell-shading which effectively give it the cartoony, comic style vibe. This is the style of Crackdown 3 and in the gameplay trailer (which could be reminiscent of an earlier build) the world appears more vivid and brighter than the previous games. The cell-shading technique is commonly utilised by the Borderlands franchise and adds to a chaotic and carnage based environment in an overall positive way. Everyone has to remember that Crackdown is a series based off of a comic book style and so you should not compare it to others that are known for the graphics. STOP COMPARING.

The gameplay did not show off a whole lot of information about the upcoming expansion, mainly choosing to focus on awesome explosive gameplay, but it is definitely exciting to watch. However, keep in mind that this may not be the final product of Crackdown 3 and can be subject to changes in the final months of development, as this Tweet from the official Crackdown Twitter page states;

There you have it. Crackdown 3 will be released for Windows 10 and Xbox One/Xbox One X on November 7th 2017. Amp up your boom Agents, amp it up!


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