New ‘Overwatch’ Character Doomfist Finally Has A Release Date

Doomfist the latest offensive hero to come to Overwatch has been given a release date. This cybernetically enhanced hero will be released on the 27th July and will add a whole new definition to close range combat.

Doomfist has been dramatically punching around in the Overwatch PTR for a few weeks now with Blizzard making changes to the way he plays and interacts with the other heroes. This release came alongside a video that talks about the motivations behind creating such a nuanced and ambition-diverse character.

As you are probably aware, Doomfist is a hero that emerged from massive community support. His gauntlet featured in the first Overwatch cinematic and from there it simply spiralled into an unstoppable ball of hype. In the behind the scenes video, it was mentioned that Doomfist was a homage to the previous generation of side-view brawler type games.

One of the more important things to note with this new hero is that he does not view himself as a villain in any sense. His philosophy is that humanity achieves strength through adversity and war and if you look throughout not only our real-life history but also the game’s lore, there is a lot of evidence for that fact.

Further increasing the hype for this character and making my inner and outer story-nerd very happy is the addition of a backstory to Doomfist. How he rose to prominence within his family’s Cybernetics company, how he joined up with Talon under the gaze of the Scourge of Numbani and how he assumed the devastating mantle of Doomfist himself. Definitely check it out.

Doomfist seems incredibly nuanced as a character and it is refreshing to see a hero who’s main goal is to punch people to death to have such a rich backstory and motivations. I cannot wait to try out this new character for the first time and also to figure out ways to take him down.


    1. Thanks heaps!! I’m the same though at first I wasn’t as psyched up but now he looks incredibly fun and fast paced which is awesome!


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