Operation Frontier Shield DLC Announced For ‘Titanfall 2’

It has finally happened, praise the Titan gods- Titanfall 2 is getting a brand new horde mode known as Frontier Defense. The goal is to defend a Harvester from five waves of increasingly difficult enemies in a four player co-op mode.

Titan Mortar

You will be assaulted from all sides with Grunts, Spectres and enemy Titans, as well as brand new enemy types including MORTAR TITANS, which as you can imagine are only going to add to the chaos on the field. Players can earn cash by completing objectives and killing enemies during the match, which they can utilise to buy upgrades and tools such as Batteries to repair your Titan or Arc Traps.

There will also be a new ranking system specifically for Titans in this new mode, known as Aegis Ranks. These ranks are earned by completing matches of Frontier Defense and will allow for the purchase of deadly Titan upgrades that will assist you at higher levels of play. For the time being these ranks will only be restricted to the new mode but there is a good possibility for it to spread into the main body of multiplayer.


A remastered version of the popular Titanfall map Rise is also coming with this free DLC, featuring a combination of long sightlines and tight corridors for a variety of play, no matter what your playstyle is. Set in an abandoned desert reservoir expect large open spaces for Titans to deliver death and destruction as well as many opportunities for some fast paced wall running and strategic zip line usage.


But what there’s more. A new Live Fire map known as Township is being released alongside Rise. Featuring sparse cover beyond a few residential houses, this battle will be fought from the rooftops and the windows, while the majority of the open spaces will be home to the Titans and any Pilots brave enough to take to the streets.

Elite Warpaints

In the realm of customisation, Titans and Pilot weaponry will get the option to be adorned with Elite Warpaints. Found in the in-game store, these Warpaints will provide an experience boost for yourself as well as your team. They do not have to be equipped in order to gain this boost but why wouldn’t you equip them? They look awesome.

Operation Frontier Shield does not have an official release date as yet but with the latest Titanfall 2 DLC, War Games just being released it cannot be far off. This is the latest in a long line of free updates Respawn has provided for Titanfall 2 and all we can hope is that they keep coming.

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