Halo Wars 2

OPERATION: Spearpoint And New Leader Serina Coming To ‘Halo Wars 2’

Halo Wars 2 is keeping pace with its monthly reveals and DLC drops with the latest campaign addition that puts you in the shoes of a highly trained ODST squad. OPERATION: Spearpoint allows you to step into the heavily armoured shoes of ODST Squad Sunray 1-1 led by Major Vaughan.

OPERATION: Spearpoint provides an additional two campaign missions that centre around a new Banished plan in the aftermath of the main story after Captain Cutter has accomplished the near-impossible – fighting Atriox to a near standstill. One of the major things about OPERATION: Spearpoint is that it puts you into the shoes of an entire ODST squad, each with their own personalities and banter that we will uncover throughout the story. This adds a new approach to the normal Halo Wars strategy which usually has us following the story of one notable Leader or Spartan.

A short interview by Grimbrother One with Managing Editor of 343, Kevin Grace talked about what to expect from the Spearbreaker DLC and how it ties in with the Awakening the Nightmare DLC, in which we will face the Flood;

“The big connection is that the events of Spearbreaker and Nightmare are both parts of the much larger ongoing war for control of the Ark…Atriox still has plenty of fight left in him.”

Controller SentinelWith the arrival of OPERATION: Spearpoint we will see the arrival of new enemy units but if it is any consolation, the Controller Sentinels are going to try and kill everyone…not just you. These Forerunner constructs are equipped with an impenetrable forward facing shield, a constantly firing Sentinel Beam and a devastating Sentinel Pulse.

New Leader: Serina

Serina Halo.jpeg

Halo Wars 2 is also gaining a new Leader for use in multiplayer with a chill new Leader Pack. Serina, the deactivated AI that was assigned to the UNSC Spirit of Fire has warmed up her circuits and shaken off the last effects of her rampaging rampancy and joined the fight. Serina was a second generation smart-AI that possessed an incredible intellectual capacity, despite a sarcastic and dark sense of humour.

Serina felt the oncoming effects of rampancy while the Spirit of Fire drifted through the Void of space after the events of the first Halo Wars, so she started and completed preparations for a future she was never going to be part of. That is until now. Serina comes prepared with an army of ice cold units.


The Frostraven is a modified EV-44 airframe that pairs research conducted by Serina herself with weaponised vacuum energy cryotech to create a devastatingly chill airbourne unit.


Serina Cryotroopers

The UNSC Hellbringers are a versatile and highly trained military unit capable of utilising materials and weapons that other units would consider highly dangerous. They literally bring hell whenever they walk in battle. So fearless are they that they even tote highly experimental and hazardous cryo based power cells that tap into some strange energies.

Tundra Bison

The Tundra Bison is a lightweight and lightly armoured vehicle that often acts as a troop carrier and recovery vehicle. Well not anymore now that Serina has got her hands on them. Utilising a chassis as a testbed, Serina has incorporated a vacuum energy siphon, scientific instrumentation and dangerous cryotech weaponry all into one mobile package.

Both OPERATION: Spearbreaker and the new Serina Leader Pack are going to be available for Halo Wars 2 Season Pass holders. However, if you reall want to get your hands on these add-ons, they are available seperately for $5.99 USD or together for $9.99 USD. Just remember to stay frosty.



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