A Note On ‘Destiny 2’ Weapon Mods

So traversing through the Destiny 2 beta I was amazed by the sights and sounds of this amazing sequel. Firing shot after shot with the myriad of amazing weaponry that they have gifted us to test out, I felt a high I hadn’t felt in such a long time. There was a new story to undertake and new adventures.

We have known for a while that the weapons in Destiny 2 will have static perks on them, meaning that each individual gun will have a set selection of weapon perks that can be utilised. Perusing through the weapons I noticed the modification section which while revealing that the Legendary Infusion system is still prevalent and that weapons will be affected by specific weapon shaders, also revealed something very interesting about the weapon mods.

The damage on the Energy and Power weapons can be altered, so no more set damage types on weaponry. The above Nergel PR4 Pulse Rifle holds a Void Damage Mod which allows whatever weapon it is equipped to be charged with void energy. This naturally leads me to believe that the damage types are now interchangeable and as such there would be an Arc Damage Mod and a Solar Damage Mod.

Not only that but since Kinetic Weapons can also take weapon mods, could we add a damage mod onto a Kinetic Weapon and turn it into an Energy Weapon? And vice versa? It would explain how the same weapon types are equipable in two different slots. Maybe it is luck of the draw whether a weapon is rolled as an Energy or a Kinetic but it doesn’t have to stay that way. This would certainly go a long way to give players a lot more control over the weapons and damage types they wish to utilise.




13 thoughts on “A Note On ‘Destiny 2’ Weapon Mods

    1. Oh damn I feel your pain man :/ I am really hoping that the weapon mods are interchangeable so we can take our favourite weapons into any activity 😀


  1. One thing you neglected to mention.

    ARMOR MODS. So aparently they will prob help with the cooldowns ( like intellect, discipline and strength )

    Aside from supers I’m liking the new Over charge grenade capability for the void warlock.

    You got a grenade and dare to use it and have a small amount of super energy to spare ( doesn’t even have to be a full super bar – nice! ).
    No prob. Just hold L1 ( PS4 ) and OVERCHARGE your grenade using some super juice and bam more deadly grenade.

    It’s sad when most people who played the beta didn’t bother to read first before diving in…

    Didn’t bother to look into the internal mods and instead complained complained complained and threatened to cancel their pre order as if this was a full launch.

    Thank you for being some of the few that actually realize the locked out stuff pre launch.

    Bungie even warned us it would be terribly unbalanced. But again many have not listened.

    So you have the haters, bashers, spoiled brats whine about stuff.

    Collective feedback is good and understandable but to spout ” I am canceling my pre order” because I am a butt hurt fool that refuse to read first. Personally they need to walk the plank with a big rock and drop to free up servers for those that actually have a brain.

    Not speaking as a fan boy because I too felt the hurt in the beta. But I knew what to expect.

    Come launch. It’s gonna be interesting to see if I can apply FIRE FLY and ARMY OF ONE mods on a weapon. So we get so far slots that are adjustable but fixed, and 2 or so extra slots for MODS with 14 empty slots to store them into.

    Excited to see what they have next
    For us!


    1. I was just talking about weapon mods this post. I meant to write one about armour but life got in the way I guess :’) I will definitely have to get on that!! But I 100% agree. Even though I felt that there was something lacking in the beta and that the apparent PVP balancing for the entire game was a bit meh, it does not warrant the amount of hate and whining that it received. When will gamers realise that a beta is not a complete game and is designed for feedback and testing – now if they shipped the full game with all those problems then it is an issue, but not now. Dude Firefly and Army of One would be formidable :O I am the same, Destiny 2 should be an amazing game and I am really pumped to try out that new Raid!!


      1. On a scout rifle, I want HELPING HAND, RANGE FINDER…. Tuning up the stability is key in PVP for me…

        They really shouldn’t of put the Sniper and Shotgun as a power only slot… although it makes sense that those are the 1 shot kill weapons In PVP which sparked high K/D ratios… although that will force them to not use a grenade launch or rocket launch…

        Now they will have to strategize distance instead of running like a MAC TRUCK into people or doing a TONY MONTANA shotgun in our backside… ( say hello to my little….. Sub-Machine Gun? lol )

        Apology bout the Armor… didn’t know you were going to do a separate post…

        I didn’t consider the shaders having perks but if that’s true that could be a good or bad thing…

        I got a gold shader on.. but now I have to switch to that GREEN,RED one and look like a Christmas tree if I want “that perk” active….

        abilities that they whined about, as a Warlock DAWNBLADE, if you hover in the air and do kills it coolsdown your melee and grenade powers…

        Then theres the 3rd new RIFT power ( hold down O and you got a well a weapons well or a health regen well )

        Titans dome bubble still active without having to switch perks… nice touch

        Hunter… dodge/recharge melee perk

        Man…. I wonder what else I missed… too many perks and MODS… damn want sept here now…

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      2. I just want a MIDA level scout rifle. Something that hits like a truck and fires like a smaller, faster truck. I agree with that, having a sniper rifle and shotgun doesn’t make sense in the power slot but if they were still in the energy slot it could mess up the whole system. They just have to beef up the power of snipers and shotguns a little.

        I could not deal if shaders had perks, it would be less about customisation and more about the optimal perks. Bungie would get a lot of backlash for that, unless the shader perks did not affect gameplay as much. I am entirely a Warlock main but I love the the Hunter dodge, the instant reload is a great addition!


  2. Noticed at how the Exotics had no customization options, they barred us from dismantling them too!

    MIDA – 3rd eye perk mixed with your own personalized goodies… hmmm

    Some suggested a 4th slot to separate super weapons like ROCKET and SNIPER… Kinda hope

    Bungie listened to that. Wishful thinking…

    Able to choose between the captain America shield power for TITAN or the WARD OF DAWN – ARMOR Dome WITHOUT having to change internal options is a treat! 2 Supers in 1… So you can be defensive or offensive and not feel like you have to sacrifice the fight by being a sponge dome… or visa versa… THAT will come handy in the RAIDs… Question though… wil there be modifiers for the titan dome that can be switched… Hmm… weapon-bump/over shield bump…

    Hunter has also that perk for gunslinger – 6 shots without having to put that damn exotic on – applaud to bungie for that… im sure also there are weapon perks for being a gunslinger too without moding.. moding will be OP for hunters…

    Loved hearing people bitch bout movement speed which mobile and mods will help with… BUT, bet they forgot all about the sparrow… dreadnaught was tough to play on… still is without sparrows…

    Hope they tell us what they done when their 1 month and a few weeks as it draws its end, then we can start our adventure…


  3. They also need to be thorough with what they done…

    My 1 irritation is with the button mapping for the touch pad

    When you activate your ghost, in d1 you press it and he goes away, in d2 he doesn’t unless you press something else..

    Also the ROSTER access – now you have to hold down the touch pad to get to that menu?… hmmmm…

    can’t access ROSTER during the loading sequence as ships fly in animation to their destination…

    wonder what other mapping controls they have in store for us…


  4. Hey Paul, did you check out that new/free exotic weapon we get when you pre-order? An Arc Laser Rifle! Looks good but:

    The Good: Free ( duh ), Exotic, powerful when hitting an enemy overtime

    The Bad: Non-Pre orders, ones who will “wait till later” will get screwed,
    Whiners will cry “I don’t want to be forced!”

    Also a strange looking in-game ghost…

    Oh an apparently this weekend if you pre-order at gamestop, you get a free

    DESTINY 2 SPINNER ( umm? never used/own a spinner )

    Aside from the cayde-6 statue


    1. Hey Alex! I did check it out, I wrote an article on it earlier today 🙂 Absolutely loved that trailer with Ice, Ice Baby playing in the background. I cannot wait for the Coldheart but those people who want to wait aren’t going to be at a major disadvantage either way and it isn’t a huge timer for this exclusive anyways. Hahahaha of course you do :’) Well that is just a bonus (severe sarcasm), I cannot stand those spinners :’)


      1. Sorry I didn’t read your article yet dude, I’ll check it out when I can…

        I did make a bungie feedback request for this new gun…

        I requested that it would have a new elemental perk.

        A “Freeze”/”Frost” perk… like a long term effect on an enemy?

        kind of like the freeze in Mass effect that either slows down enemies or freeze/shatters them…

        After all it is “Coldheart” right?


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