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Exotic Review: Sunshot

“Can’t outrun the sunrise” – Liu Feng

The Sunshot is an Exotic handcannon with some pretty impressive stopping power. This solar powered gun utilises the Intrinsic Perk Sunburn which allows it to fire explosive rounds and highlights enemies that take any damage from Sunshot.

The highlighting system is not incredibly noticeable, especially in fast paced combat scenarios but it is definitely a useful tool. The explosive rounds also pair quite well with the Trait of the Sunshot known as Sunblast. In the true fashion of the Gunslinger, any targets killed with the Sunshot explode in a large burst of Solar Energy.

The Sunshot utilises a Chambered Compensator Barrel which serves to increase stability and improves recoil direction but also slightly decreases handling speed. Even though we do not have any other weapon barrels to compare with the Sunshot, Chambered Compensator appears to be a top contender barrel-wise. The slight fall off with handling speed is barely noticeable but full-disclosure that could be due to not having anything else to compare it to. The recoil is actually a dream on a handcannon of this impact as it goes straight up, meaning that it is very easy to get into a good rhythm and consistently land those precision shots.

In regards to the magazine, it comes standard with Accurised Rounds which provides a boost to Sunshot’s range which is a boon no matter what way you spin it. The Sunshot has an intuitive feel to it when aiming (at least to me) that allows for nice consistent shots and a boost to the range coupled with this ease of landing precision shots makes it deadly at slightly longer ranges. It isn’t a sniper rifle though so remember that. This range will also give it a distinct advantage against faster firing weapons that are not that effective at range. Now, the Stock on this Exotic is known as Textured Grip which greatly increases the handling speed but at the cost of slightly decreased stability.


Sunshot Gameplay

The Sunshot will have a place both in PVE and PVP, with its combination of high impact the explosive power of the rounds themselves and the solar burst damage. Despite the heavy damage, the Sunshot is capable of dishing out, it has a relatively quick fire rate. Plus the addition of Solar Damage allows it to cut through those pesky Solar Centurions like a very hot knife through butter.

On the PVP side of things, the Sunshot has such an ease of aiming that, if you are paying attention you should manage to hit the rapidly moving Guardian-shaped targets. Plus, the Sunburst perk serves as a reminder to enemy Guardians of the dangers of sticking too close. Whether you decide to go closer to the action or remain a little detached, the Sunburst explosion will definitely remind the enemy team that you are a threat but it does not seem to hold the same lethality as the Combustion perk the Gunslinger holds.


The Sunshot can be found through Exotic Engram decryption or through Xur if he happens to carry it in his inventory. It can also be chosen as an Exotic reward after completing the mission Sacrilege on Io.


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