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Exotic Review: Riskrunner

Charge your soul and let your electrons sing.

The Riskrunner. The first ever Exotic Submachine gun has come to Destiny 2. The Riskrunner is a very rapid firing weapon that at times can suffer from some major instability and notable damage fall off. This is not a weapon used at the longer ranges.

Riskrunner utilises the Intrinsic Perk Arc Conductor, which boosts your damage done with this Exotic and resists the incoming arc damage. This effectively means that while wielding the Riskrunner, you become a maelstrom of death and destruction that takes reduced damage from all arc sources while Arc Conductor is active. This would make it very valuable while in certain PVE activities where the main source of damage is arc. But wait there is more, Arc Conductor also allows an extension of the overcharged state, which boosts the damage output and reduces incoming damage, by scoring kills. The more kills you get with Riskrunner, the longer Arc Conductor will remain active.

The Riskrunner comes default with the Arrowhead Brake barrel, which greatly controls recoil and increases handling speed. It is very obvious from the get go that the Riskrunner is a fast firing weapon that hits hard due to its rapid rate of fire. The fact of it is, Arrowhead Brake could be a top pick for the barrel type because of its SMG typing which intrinsically causes it to bounce around like a cowboy at a rodeo. When you ADS, the Riskrunner becomes an absolute powerhouse at close ranges with the stability bonus becoming more noticeable. Hip-firing is a crazy barrage of glowing blue bullets. Riskrunner also comes stock standard with Extended Mag, which, as Destiny players know, increases the magazine size. The Stock is known as Action Stock which greatly increases the handling speed of the Exotic.

Onto the Trait, Riskrunner runs Superconductor, which is essentially the same kind of perk held by the Zhalo Supercell. Superconductor feeds off Arc Conductor and causes any shots fired to have a chance to become chain lightning and damage multiple enemies at a time. Not only that but they also have a chance to return ammunition to the magazine. Superconductor makes the overcharge ability of Arc Conductor that much more effective and rewards you for making a lot of kills in a short period of time.


Riskrunner Gameplay

The Riskrunner seems to be a highly powerful weapon that is made for PVE encounters. You could take it into PVP but with the sparsity of targets in the Crucible, especially now that it has dropped to 4v4, both Arc Conductor and Superconductor will go unused most of the time. That is not to say you could not use this weapon in PVP, it just seems like there would be better Exotics to choose that could benefit the player a whole lot more.

That being said, the Riskrunner will excel at the medium to close ranges, more leaning towards close range and its rapid fire rate could result in you winning more firefights than you lose. This is no truer now that shotguns have been moved to the Power Weapon slot, meaning that you can effectively close with a Guardian without having to worry about getting buckshot to the face.


The Riskrunner can be acquired as an Exotic reward, after completing the mission Sacrilege on Io. It can also be a reward for an Exotic Engram decryption or bought from Xur.



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